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One at home is enough, Lianchuang multi-function pot

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One at home is enough, Lianchuang multi-function pot

I am used to making a simple breakfast every weekday morning to start a day full of vitality, and I like to eat hot pot skewers with family and friends on Friday nights to release the fatigue of the week. Although I seldom go out to eat now, there is a multi-functional pot, and a cook can instantly become a chef, easily unlocking a variety of delicacies, and the happiness index is rising. Let's unlock the Lianchuang brand multi-functional pot for you. The appearance is simple and fashionable, no matter what kind of decoration style the home is, it can be well matched, suitable for contemporary youth and families; the texture and workmanship are very good, and the details are also very particular, and the appearance is modern and green. Basic performance Frying function: split pan and pan, detachable, ceramic glaze material, high temperature resistance and not easy to scratch, I usually use the twill part to bake the bread, the flat part to fry the eggs, and make the vitality breakfast soon; Material: It's a non-stick coating that wipes straight off with a dab of water with a rag, and the same goes for final cleaning. Heating base: Lianchuang multi-function pot new convex unbounded heating panel, no need to pick the pot, suitable for any heat-resistant pot, can be used as an induction cooker, greatly improving the probability of use. A multi-function cooking pot has so many functions for frying, frying, roasting, frying, steaming, rinsing, boiling, and stewing~ One pot can top 5 pots, so good! ️Every member of the family can easily do it, so that it is not difficult for everyone to adjust the frying pan, deep-cooking pan, and freely interchangeable~, deep-dish recommended recipes: hot pot / oden / grilled fish / steamed / fried vegetables / salt baked, etc., shallow plate Recommended recipes: all kinds of fried rice/barbecue//nougat/pancake/pizza/thousand-layer cake/scallion pancake and other details ▪Temperature control panel: Metal knob with three gears. ▪Handle: The Lianchuang multi-function pot is an anti-scalding handle, the color is the same as the pot body, and you can easily take out the pan and change the pan without wearing gloves. ▪Capacity: The large capacity of 3.0L is used by about 4-6 people. When you invite friends for dinner during the Chinese New Year, you can arrange hot pot barbecue, and it is more convenient to make ~ I don't need to cook another dish. To the end, I think The multi-function pot is actually the electric hot pot that flooded the market more than ten years ago, but the heating plate is separated from the pot body, which is easier to clean, the style is better, and it is more in line with the aesthetic requirements of today's young people, and Lianchuang The multi-function pot is also more beautiful and practical in appearance and quality.


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