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Let the thousand-year-old cultural relics of the Forbidden City connect ancient and modern to bring good blessings

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Let the thousand-year-old cultural relics of the Forbidden City connect ancient and modern to bring good blessings

As a cultural treasure of all mankind, the precious cultural heritage of the Chinese nation has always been loved by everyone. It is not only an ancient palace, but also a gathering place of Chinese civilization. It is a city of ingenuity that embodies the beauty of China for five thousand years. The master designed two Ping An buckles from different dynasties. The fine products inherit the royal craftsmanship. To reach the royal level, you must know that the official genuine products and various crafts have always been highly sought after. I hope to bring this ancient wish to everyone. May everyone be safe and healthy , for a long time! Peace is the eternal long-cherished dream of human beings. Peace is the most simple and beautiful wish of the Chinese since ancient times! Tranquillity, peace, and smoothness, isn't that what we've been asking for all along. The past year has been an "extraordinary" year. We are more eager for the safety of our relatives, friends and ourselves, and the safety button contains the beautiful meaning of auspiciousness and peace. It is an auspicious accessory born for peace! With our prayers and yearning for eternal and beautiful things, the editor recommends this pair of "Long Zhao Ping An" and "Phoenix You Ping An" safety buckles with good fortune in the Forbidden City to everyone. The key is the one that can be worn by men, women and children. Auspicious pendant~~ I hope it can hold your peace and joy. From the prototype of the Forbidden City cultural relics, inheritance of court auspicious culture, Ping An buckle, known as "wall" in ancient times, is a traditional Chinese accessory. The creative design concept of the buckle is derived from this. Longzhao Ping An Longzhao Ping An originated from the [Song Dynasty - White Jade Chi Pattern Bi] in the Palace Museum collection. The Chi dragon is inspired by the Chi dragon pattern. According to legend, it can be placed in a fireproof place. On the roof, there are prayers for blessings and peace, the meaning of exorcising evil spirits and avoiding disasters. The dragon zodiac is safe and reappears the royal style of the dragon in the Song Dynasty. Surrounded by auspicious clouds, the dragon's unpredictable posture means that the dragon is auspicious and safe. Two high-relief chi-dragon patterns soar above the auspicious clouds, implying the guardianship of the dragon, good luck, and craftsmanship to create Fengyou Ping An Feng You Ping An is inspired by the phoenix pattern on the collection of the Palace Museum [Tang Baiyu Fengqi Peony Head] The design of the phoenix is ​​the legendary lucky bird. According to legend, it is not a phoenix tree, and its character is noble. Whenever there is auspiciousness, the phoenix will fly to imply wealth and happiness. In the year of 2019, the front and back are decorated with two auspicious phoenixes. The two phoenixes stand facing each other, which means that the phoenix is ​​safe, and the life is complete. Wear the auspicious ornaments from the Tang Dynasty on your body. Wish you auspicious phoenix and happiness by your side. The two safety buckles are hand-engraved with 8g pure silver and 999 die-casting process. After repeated polishing and polishing by the engraver, they create a rounded arc, the lines are natural and smooth, and they feel very full and rich to the touch, inheriting the auspicious culture of the court. In ancient times, the knot was sacred. People believed that the soul of the gods would reside in the knot, so the knot has the effect of warding off evil spirits and bringing blessings. The small rope has a big background. The lanyard "Knotting Notes" inherits the handmade knotting skills with unique Chinese cultural skills and national emotions, and also contains strong cultural colors. "Heaven", loved by the royal family of the Qing Dynasty, was called "Stone of the Kingdom of Heaven" and was a symbol of wealth, dignity and auspiciousness. "As the saying goes, "Dyeing the blue stone to the point of Dai" symbolizes wealth, authority, and peace. The auspicious palace logo is in the shape of a jade cong. The outer square and inner circle symbolize harmony between heaven and earth, safeguarding peace. Exquisite packaging is elegant and noble. Two safety buckle packaging bags and boxes are The main color of the Forbidden City [Palace Green] is taken from the green of turquoise. In traditional Chinese culture, people regard "turquoise" as a symbol of wealth, dignity and auspiciousness. Turquoise is loved by the royal family of the Qing Dynasty because of its "color like the sky". The "Stone of Heaven" plays an important role in the palace. The dragon pattern on the packaging bag and box is based on the dragon pattern on the collection of the Palace Museum [Yellow gauze embroidered colorful cloud and golden dragon single dragon robe] as the prototype. The dragon used is exclusive to the emperor." "Zhenglong" is noble and majestic. The seawater river cliff pattern around Longyou Ping'an is taken from the seawater river cliff pattern on the hem of the dragon robe. The "ruyi cloud pattern", the unity of cloud and air is a symbol of vitality, spirituality, spirit and auspiciousness. The certificate packaging in the box adopts the pattern of imperial yellow and dragon robes. My blessings, please open the enclosed card to write your blessings. The above two safety buckles have a product inspection certificate and an anti-counterfeiting card, one for each certificate, and the quality is guaranteed. Auspicious gifts are full of happiness. In ancient times, people often hang the safety buckle around their waists. It is the best choice for men to wear, and the details are obvious. A modest and elegant temperament is worn by women. It can also be regarded as the finishing touch in clothing matching. It gives a fresh, dignified and elegant feeling in a low-key manner. It can also be used as a pendant and a keychain. , mobile phone chain, fan pendant, car pendant, etc. Whether it is a gift to others, or a collection or wearing by yourself, it is very suitable to wear a worry and safety on your body! Authenticity Check Scratch off the coating on the accompanying security certificate. Query on the official website (you can paste the following URL to the browser directly) Remember to enter all four sets of numbers consisting of uppercase letters and numbers into the verification box, and leave no spaces in the middle, you can query the true Fake it. You can also use WeChat to scan for authenticity. The common sense of silver jewelry 999 is called thousand-foot silver, and the silver content is as high as 99%, which is easy to oxidize and turn black; 990 is called pure silver, with a silver content of 90%, and it is also easy to oxidize and turn black. 925 is known as international standard silver, which contains about seven percent of other alloys, so it is not easy to oxidize and turn black. For example, the bracelet of 925 is more resistant to oxidation than the bracelet of 99 because it is electroplated with a layer of other metal, and it is less prone to discoloration. However, once the 925 bracelet is discolored, it can only be washed with potion, and it cannot be washed many times, nor can it be washed and polished many times like the 99 bracelet. And because the 925 bracelet contains less silver than 99, the 99 is better in terms of value preservation and long-term wear. Tips for Wearing Silver Jewelry
  • Try to avoid contact with detergents when you wear it at ordinary times,
  • Do not wear it when washing hands, bathing, washing clothes, washing dishes, etc.
  • Avoid contact as much as possible Hard objects, because silver jewelry is prone to scratches
  • If it turns yellow and lacks luster, you can wipe it with a soft cloth dipped in toothpaste, then rinse it with water and dry it. Note that the toothpaste should be in a transparent gel-like form, not with abrasive particles, so as not to scratch the silver ornaments.
  • You can also wipe the surface with a silver cloth to restore the shine as new.


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