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Is the golden retriever "licking people" dirty? No, it's just "checking posts"

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Is the golden retriever "licking people" dirty? No, it's just "checking posts"

As a big "warm man" in the dog world, Golden Retriever is handsome in appearance and gentle in character. He is a dog that many people are fighting to keep, but many pet owners who have raised Golden Retriever have reflected on it. Golden Retriever has a very strange hobby, that is, it loves to lick people, which is very dirty! In fact, it is not for no reason that the golden retriever licks people. There are many reasons. It may just be "checking the post"!

1. Little Golden Retriever: "Where have you been today? Have you been messing with flowers outside? Don't carry me outside There are other dogs!"

The golden retriever is very possessive, especially towards the owner, so he doesn't like the owner to touch other dogs outside! So whenever the owner comes back from outside. It will rush up to lick the owner, just to see if the owner has the smell of other dogs, and routinely check the post!

2. Little Golden Retriever: "Shoveling shit, you haven't played with me for 3 06 minutes, you can figure it out !"

The golden retriever is a very emotional dog, and it may be the pet owner's company that most needs it, but many pet owners are busy with life and work every day, and they don't have much time to play with it at all. So the boring and lonely little golden retriever will take the initiative to come over to lick the master's hand, in order to attract the attention of the shit shovel officer, and let the shit shovel officer play with it for a while!

3. Little Golden Retriever: "Shoveling, do you know how much I love you? No, you don't know, you know every day I don't care about my feelings at all when I play with my mobile phone!"

In the dog world, licking is a way to express mutual love, so Golden Retriever used this method on the shit shovel officer. . So when your golden retriever licks you, it may be a confession to you, don't despise it anymore, and accept its love generously!

4. Little Golden Retriever: "Master, why do you smell blood? Are you injured? Let me clean up the wound for you!"

The golden retriever is a retriever and is particularly sensitive to the smell of blood. For some female shit shoveling officers, they may just come to the aunt and have a bloody smell. The golden retriever may have smelled it, so he was very worried about whether the shit shovel officer was injured, so he would keep licking the shit shovel officer's hands and feet, just to help the shit shovel officer clean the wound!

5. Little Golden Retriever: "Good guy, the shit shoveler is stealing food behind my back!"

Golden Retriever The nose is very good, especially for food. When it smells that the shit shovel officer is eating snacks, it will immediately run over and ask the shit shovel officer for snacks. Pet owners don't think it's cute, just give it to eat. Most of human snacks are relatively heavy taste. If you eat it, it will increase the burden on its kidneys, so try not to eat it! If the golden retriever is really greedy, you can give it some pet snacks, which are healthy and satisfying, so that it will not bother you again.

6. Little Golden Retriever: "Mama~ I'm hungry! When will you feed me?"

Golden Retriever The amount of exercise is very large, the food intake is naturally large, and the digestion speed is also extremely fast. What I just ate a few hours ago will soon be hungry. The golden retriever who is hungry will take the initiative to come to the owner and lick the owner's hand, just to remind the owner that it is time to feed it. If the shit shovel officer wants to raise the golden retriever well, he must not forget to feed it. He is always hungry and full, and sooner or later the golden retriever's stomach will be damaged. Be sure to feed it regularly and feed it some high-quality dog ​​food that is nutritious and absorbable, which will be better for its gastrointestinal health. Conclusion: Does your golden retriever have the habit of "licking people"?

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