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Let me tell you a secret: if you have a dog, it's better to have an Akita dog

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Let me tell you a secret: if you have a dog, it's better to have an Akita dog

Many people like to keep dogs. After all, dogs can bring people more sense of security. So what kind of big dog is good to keep? Today, I will tell you a secret. If you have a dog, it is better to have an Akita dog. Why do you say that? Let's find out why! ①Akita is a beautiful and cute dog, and its biggest advantage is its loyalty to its owner and family. As long as it recognizes one owner, it will never leave you for the rest of its life. And when there is no one at home, the Akita can also help you take care of the house, so it is really worth raising it. ②The Akita dog is gentle, like a golden retriever, very warm, and can help the family do some things within its power. Also like Erha, it's very playful and cute, but it won't tear down the house like Erha, because they have a degree of naughty, it will firmly grasp this degree and play very well with you. ③Although the Akita dog is a large dog, it is a big dog that loves cleanliness very much. It will avoid the dirty ground when going out for walks, and it will never go home dirty playing outside. So after raising an Akita, you don't have to worry about the odor on the Akita, it has no smell at all. ④You don't need to worry that it will hurt children when raising Akita dogs, because it is very friendly to children, and it is easy to become a child's friend and play well with children. Therefore, if there are children at home, you might as well let the Akita dog grow up with the child from an early age, not only to let the child have company, but also to cultivate the love of the child. ⑤ The Akita is a very well-behaved dog. Although the obedience is not as high as that of the German Shepherd, it is already a very obedient dog, and it has a high IQ and is easy to tame. However, when training Akitas, it is best to use snacks as a reward, which makes training easier. ⑥Although the Akita dog is a foreign dog, its adaptability is very strong, it can easily adapt to family life, and it is rarely sick. And this kind of dog is not picky eater, eats everything, and feeds very well. However, pet owners should pay attention to the fact that they can't just feed Akita dogs just because they don't pick anything. After all, this kind of dog sheds a lot of hair. Although it is easy to aggravate the hair loss, try to give it something with high meat content and deep-sea fish oil. dog food. Conclusion: What is your impression of the Akita dog?

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