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Dogs suffering from "princess disease" all have these 6 symptoms. Do you have any in your family?

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Dogs suffering from "princess disease" all have these 6 symptoms. Do you have any in your family?

Nowadays, many families like to keep dogs, and they will pet them very much, but if they are too petted, it is easy to cause the dogs to suffer from "princess disease", so what do they do? Let's take a look at what's in your home? "Hold me before I can move." Some dogs are used to being arrogant and will often play tricks on their owners. Especially when going out or walking, sometimes the dog will squat and sit down, and refuse to move a step. Such a foolish dog, if it is a small dog, it can be reluctantly accepted, if it is a large dog... It is estimated that it will not be exhausted with it, or it will be broken, so it is best for pet owners not to spoil it in the first place, and put an end to such situations intensified. "I won't sleep if I don't go to bed!" As a dog with princess disease, he will definitely have requirements for his sleeping position. Seeing the owner enjoying the bed, a "delicate" dog like it is of course not far behind. Therefore, it will also ask to lie down next to the pet owner, sleep on the bed, and even to the point of "if you don't let it go to bed, no one wants to sleep". "Why don't you come to coax me?" Dogs with "princess disease" will often have petty tempers. They want to attract the most attention from the pet owner, and want the pet owner to put it in the most important position. Moreover, the pet owner didn't follow his heart in time, and it was easy to be wronged. He was sullen and cold with the pet owner, with an expression like "Come and coax this princess soon?" "Who dares to touch my toys!" For toys, dogs with princess disease also value them very much. Even if they have a lot of toys, they don't want to play with them, but they are absolutely not allowed to touch their toys. If anyone touches its toy, it will fry immediately, protect the toy tightly, and will not let other people or dogs touch its things without its permission. "Which green onion are you?" Some dogs are overly spoiled, and they will behave arrogantly. They will ignore the warm greetings of other people, and they will be very arrogant and arrogant, and they will roll their eyes. Sometimes even to his master, he does not give face at all, he only regards himself as the center, he is the boss of the family, and he cannot distinguish his own position at all. Such a dog is definitely not very obedient to the owner. If you want the dog to be obedient, it is best to train the dog well. You can train it with snacks to have better results. "I don't want to eat this!" Most dogs with princess disease are often picky eaters. They are picky about the food prepared by their owners. They only eat what they like to eat, and don't eat what they don't want to eat. Mainly correct its bad habits. Don't feel distressed and coax it to eat, take it away immediately if you don't eat it, and let it understand that only this can be eaten. You can also properly increase its exercise to improve its appetite. In addition, it is best to choose delicious, probiotic-containing dog food to feed it, which can promote appetite and let it eat normally. Conclusion: Do you know other "arrogant" behaviors of dogs?

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