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In 2010, Hainan villagers picked up two strange birds with eagle bodies and monkey faces. Experts called them to cherish them but refused to help them.

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In 2010, Hainan villagers picked up two strange birds with eagle bodies and monkey faces. Experts called them to cherish them but refused to help them.

In 2010, a villager in Hainan picked up two peculiar birds on the mountain. They took good care of them every day. As a result, the two peculiar birds became thinner and thinner. They called the experts and called them precious, but refused. Help, what is going on here?

The collection of strange birds on the mountain

has to start with a villager in Hainan, Lao Li, who went to work on the mountain. The sky was getting dark, and Lao Li was about to pack his things and go home, but suddenly heard the sound of "whoosh" coming from the grass, accompanied by a sharp scream. Old Li has always been timid. He directly opened the grass and saw that it was the size of two palms, and the round strange birds were jumping in the grass. Although they looked like birds, they had a monkey-like head and flapped their wings from time to time. , but couldn't fly, Lao Li saw the fluff on them and quickly realized that they were two chicks. He looked around, but he didn't see the parents of the two chicks. Seeing that the sun had already set, Lao Li was worried that the two chicks would encounter accidents if they stayed outside, so he simply took off his clothes, wrapped the two chicks, and took them down the mountain together. The story that Lao Li picked up the two strange birds quickly spread in the village. After all, the village was not big, and many villagers came to Lao Li's house to see the two strange birds. The people in the village have been relying on the mountains to eat, and the animals in the mountains can recognize all of them, but even the eldest old man cannot recognize the identity of these two strange birds, but their claws are very large and very sharp. Rui, looks like it should be some kind of raptor. Old Li thought that since it was a bird of prey, it should be a meat eater, and even the old man couldn't recognize it, so it should be a very precious animal. So, Lao Li bought fish and pork that he usually would not bear to eat to feed these two birds. The two little things were also very enjoyable. Lao Li felt that the fish and pork were rich in nutrients, and they should be able to raise the two little birds soon. After feeding like this for a few months, Lao Li found that the two little birds were losing weight day by day, with severe diarrhea and vomiting. Lao Li didn't know what was wrong, so he could only call the TV station for help. Gave him the phone number of a man named "Li Bo". This Li Bo is a well-known animal rescue expert in Hainan Province. He has been rescuing animals since 2003 and has rescued thousands of animals. He is known as "the first person to rescue animals in Hainan". Li Bo will be notified of any calls to animal rescue, and even some people will come to him for help even if the cow falls into the pit.

Experts identified the real bird, but refused to help

Li Bo drove quickly to this remote village and recognized the animal immediately The real identity: the national second-class protected animal grass owl. After inspection, Li Bo believes that the situation of these two little grass owls is not optimistic. The grass owls are a kind of owls, because their faces are somewhat similar to monkeys, they are also called "monkey-faced eagles", and some people like to call them "apple birds" . Usually like to eat mice, snakes and other creatures, and mice account for 90% of their recipes. An adult grass owl eats about 5 mice a day, and can eliminate more than 1,800 mice in a year. It is a veritable rodent extermination expert. The big fish and meat fed to them by villager Lao Li are not very good for the little grass owls to digest and absorb, but also damage their gastrointestinal system, causing them to vomit and have diarrhea. Seeing that Lao Li was preparing fish meat, the two little guys quickly came up, but Li Bo knew that this was because the little grass owl had no foraging ability, and could not distinguish the difference between fish meat and mouse meat, it was only by virtue of survival. Instinct to eat these inappropriate foods. Moreover, Li Bo also noticed that because of the onlookers of the villagers, the two little grass owls swayed on the ground and drilled into the gap, and they were preparing to hide in the chicken coop like chickens, without the appearance of birds of prey. It seems that not only their stomachs, but also their mobility have problems. Li Bo put on gloves and put the little grass owl on his fingers. Sure enough, they couldn't grasp it at all. The grass owl has hook-like claws and beaks, which can easily grasp the branches. This was originally a basic skill of raptors, but the two little guys have been raised as domestic chickens for a long time, and their leg muscles have not been exercised, so they are now following the ground. Like a chicken, it can only walk on the level ground, and can't even grasp the fingers, let alone the branches. Seeing that there were so many problems with the little grass owls that he had been raising with all his heart, Lao Li was very worried and had no confidence in raising the two little grass owls, so he asked Li Bo to bring these two little guys back to receive professional help , Who would have thought, Li Bo actually refused.

Untie the knot and continue to engage in animal rescue

It turned out that Li Bo was a college physical education teacher. Join the ranks of rescue animals. Slowly, his reputation became more and more famous, and he has become an expert in rescuing animals, but he has also invested a lot of time, money and energy. However, rescuing the animals is not always successful. Seeing those dead animals, Li Bo was exhausted physically and mentally. I can't help but think, maybe these animals don't need rescue. If they are directly released back into the wild, will they be able to survive on their own? And his girlfriend, who had been in love for several years, also broke up with him because of animal rescue. This incident became the last straw that overwhelmed Li Bo. Li Bo had already decided not to rescue animals, but after receiving the call, he couldn't help coming. He told himself in his heart that this was the last time. After explaining to Lao Li some precautions for taking care of the grass owl, Li Bo drove home. But when Li Bo returned home, he tossed and turned and couldn't sleep. He was always worried about the condition of the two little grass owls, and he couldn't calm down. A few days later, Li Bo received a phone call from a person he had helped. The person told him happily that because of his assistance and popular science, people in the village had recently begun to pay attention to protecting the ecological environment. . Li Bo didn't expect that his actions would make other people join the ranks of protecting animals. He regained his confidence and decided to set off back to Lao Li's village to pick up the two little grass owls. In the following months, Li Bo has been nursing the bodies of the two little grass owls and consciously training them to survive in the wild. When the two little grass owls recovered and their survivability was sufficient to survive independently in the wild, Li Bo released the two little grass owls to a place suitable for them to live. And Li Bo also opened a new course on animal protection with the support of the school. The

Grass Owl, an expert rat catcher who knows family planning

Grass owls have grass in their name, naturally because they like to live in open tall grass. During the day, it will step out a hidden space like a cave in the tall grass to rest, and only come out at night to forage. And they will also build their nests in the grass, and because they often come in and out, they will form a small tunnel in the grass. The grass owl's nest The grass owl breeds in this nest in the grass. They also have the same "family planning" awareness as humans. They will determine the number of eggs to lay according to the number of nearby mice. If there are more mice, they will produce more. The fewer the mice, the fewer the yields. They can breed at any time of the year, but usually deliberately avoid the rainy season. It takes about half a year from the start of egg laying to the time when the chicks leave the nest and the parents have learned hunting skills and can live independently. Because they live on the ground, they must be alert to the surroundings. Grass owls also have strong hearing. Their ears are very large, and there is a layer of feathers around them that can help them collect sound waves. Any movement of the grass can be heard clearly. Its round eyes, large pupils, and cones eight times the density of humans allow it to see clearly in the dark. A mouse hiding in the grass has nowhere to hide from a grass owl. In the face of mice, grass owls are absolutely cruel and ruthless. They prey on about 5 mice a day. If it is a small mouse, the grass owl will directly swallow them. If it is a big mouse, the grass owl will eat it first. The mouse's head pecks and devours it, and then slowly tear it apart and eat it, and even if the grass owl is full, it will ruthlessly kill the mouse when it sees it. Owls have always been regarded as "ominous birds" in ancient times because of their nocturnal habit, their screams at night, and their fluffy feathers make them silent when flying. Birds, mourning birds, etc., but their feeding habits determine that they are absolutely beneficial birds, and all owl-shaped animals are listed as national protected animals in my country. Spotted Owl I wonder if after reading this article, did you know more about this animal? References "The Deformation of Strange Birds", "The Rat Catcher - Monkey-faced Eagle" Quan Lixin "Grass Owl: The Prairie Hunter under the Starry Sky" Wang Miao


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