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Met a stray cute on the road, the girl couldn't help taking it home: become an official family

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Met a stray cute on the road, the girl couldn't help taking it home: become an official family

Most of the shit shoveling officers' pets are bought, and only a small part are raised by "fate". For example, a friend of veterinarian Xiao Ming raised a dog that she picked up 10 years ago. She felt that there was a deep relationship with the dog, so she named the dog "Yuanyuan". Look at the little sister in the story below, who also relied on fate to harvest a dog to repair. It's the doomed dog! The little sister likes small animals very much, but she has never had the opportunity to raise them. After watching the videos of my friends posting pets before, the heart that wanted to keep pets started to move again. At dinner that night, she discussed with her parents whether she could raise a puppy before school starts. After being affirmed by her parents, she was also very happy, but she didn't think about how to get one. Unexpectedly, fate came so quickly, and then when I went out, I ran into my "destined" dog. After dinner, she went out and met a little dog that was more than a month old on the way. come home with me? When the little sister was walking on the road, a small dog came out of the grass and blocked her way. He was licking her ankles and wagging his tail at her again, looking very enthusiastic. For a while, the little sister didn't know what to do, and the fate came too suddenly. As soon as she said she wanted to raise a dog, a dog appeared. Is God being so kind to you? "You come with me, and I'll take care of you!" the young lady said to the dog. Unexpectedly, the little guy seemed to understand, and followed her from front to back. It seemed that he was determined to go home with her. However, Miss Sister is also very worried that this is a lost little milk dog from someone else's house. So she asked the nearby shops one by one, and after getting a unified view from everyone, she was determined to bring it home. It turns out that it has been wandering on this road for 3 days. Some people say that it was left here by the owner. At that time, a man left several milk dogs here. Now there is only one left, and the others do not know. Whether it was adopted or what, it's gone anyway. The little dog is also cute for 3 days. It waited for him. The little sister took the little dog home and became an official family. The little guy is very obedient, he never barks, and he can understand when he is taught to pee. The only drawback is that he likes to bite paper, but it is normal for a little puppy to be naughty, isn't it? Although it is only a small dog, it is deeply liked by the young lady. I believe that under the care of the young lady, its Wang Sheng will be very happy in the future. The veterinarian Xiaoming felt that fate does exist sometimes. If it wasn't for the former owner of the little dog who lost it, it wouldn't have had the chance to meet the kind little sister, and it was a good time for the little sister to want to raise a dog. I asked the veterinarian Xiaoming to say that this dog is very lucky. ah. Message: The little dog is also a dog, and it deserves to be treated gently by people. In a sense, veterinarian Xiao Ming feels that our pastoral dogs are even more precious. So I hope everyone, don't look down on the little dogs, let alone abandon them. Since you choose to raise it, you will be responsible to the end. People who give up halfway are really bad. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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