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The stray cat has 4 kittens hanging around its neck, dragging it constantly on the ground, and is about to die

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The stray cat has 4 kittens hanging around its neck, dragging it constantly on the ground, and is about to die

Sometimes people are worse than demons. Can you imagine that some people even spare stray cats and dogs, the animals at the bottom of society? The following story shows the "evil" of some people and tells us what "the devil is in the world". Stray cat with 4 kittens hanging around its neck? This eldest sister has been working on rescuing stray animals since 2020. During this period, she has saved the lives of countless hairy children. Among the stray animals she has rescued in need, there is none like the one in the following story. The cat is so miserable. One night a few days ago, she came to the underground garage as usual, looking for the stray cats hiding under the car, and wanted to feed them food. Suddenly, 2 stray cats appeared in her sight. Just when she was about to sprinkle cat food on the ground, she found that one of the stray cats looked wrong. There seemed to be something hanging under its neck, which made it unable to lift its head. Come. After getting closer, I saw that there were four kittens hanging around the neck of the stray cat, and the link connecting these kittens was a rope. I guessed that this might be a "masterpiece" carefully designed by someone. "Oh my God!" The eldest sister couldn't help shouting. Seeing that these kittens have been strangled to death by the rope and kept being dragged by the mother cat, the eldest sister's heart aches. Her thinking at this time was that she had to quickly find a way to unload these kittens. But after trying to call the big cat a few times, I found that it was very vigilant and couldn't call at all. Time was passing by every minute and every second, and an extra second added a point of danger. In the end, with the joint efforts of everyone and a few friends, they finally caught the female cat, and it was confirmed that they were indeed tied together artificially because the knot of the rope was very deadly. The cats were then successfully transported to the hospital. Fortunately, it was delivered in time, the mother cat was fine, and several kittens were successfully rescued. The doctor said, a little later, these 4 kittens will have to finish. The 4 kittens did not survive in the end. Seeing that the kittens were almost recovered, the eldest sister and the others sent the kittens back to the mother cat. After all, the kittens were too young and needed the care of the mother cat. But then the mother cat's actions are heartbreaking. After it was hurt by humans this time, even if it was rescued, it no longer believed in humans. It did not choose to breastfeed in the cathouse that everyone placed for it, but took all 4 kittens to a place where humans could not find it: a tight and dusty corner. When the eldest sisters found the kittens again, they were all stiff and died of heatstroke. Facing this ending, the eldest sister is also very helpless, and she can only adopt the big cat at present. After losing her child, the mother cat has not eaten or drank for several days. She often mourns alone, probably thinking of her child. The eldest sister plans to wait for a while and take it to sterilization after it recovers a little. Self-directed? After watching the video of the eldest sister, many people commented that she was directing and acting by herself. And the evidence posted by the eldest sister made those people shut their mouths. In order to save the mother cat and her children, she and her friend were scratched with blood. She said that there should be more kindness and trust between people. Real dog lovers will not abandon cats and dogs, and only hypocritical people will do such deplorable things. Veterinarian Xiaoming has also watched many videos of the eldest sister. Her likes are not very high, but she can see that she likes animals very much and has been helping stray animals. We should not use such malice to speculate on a kind person . The person who should really be blamed is the one who hangs the kitten around the mother cat's neck. When you hang the kitten, is your heart really calm? How would you feel if your family was treated the same way? Message: For stray animals, everyone has their own choices, you can choose to like it or not, but don't hurt. They have exhausted all their strength in order to survive, and it is really too difficult to suffer from human hostility. Even if we don't like stray cats, as long as we stay away, nature's "survival of the fittest" way will slowly make them disappear without our own efforts. So please be kind. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.

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