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When the golden retriever is angry, he likes to bite the legs of the chair. The guy came up with a "coup", which is quite effective

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When the golden retriever is angry, he likes to bite the legs of the chair. The guy came up with a "coup", which is quite effective

Speaking of "dogs demolishing homes", some shit shoveling officials have a headache. Usually there is no shortage of dogs to eat and drink, but they like to tear down their homes, and they will not change after repeated teachings, and beatings will not help. If you meet a good-tempered owner, that's all. If you meet a grumpy one, you'll just throw the dog in the pan. Like the shit shoveling officer in the story below, it can be regarded as a good-natured person. Love chewing on chair legs? The little guy raised a golden retriever named "zz". Veterinarian Xiao Ming boldly guessed whether this would be an abbreviation for mental retardation (just kidding). Speaking of the character of this golden retriever, the owner also has a special headache, and this guy will get emotional when he is not happy. Every time it does something wrong, as soon as it is taught a lesson, it starts to "glass heart" and starts to bite the legs of the chair at home. Several chairs have been poisoned by the golden retriever, and they are almost unable to withstand it. During the period, the guy also thought of various ways to prevent the golden retriever from biting the chair legs, such as painting mustard on the chair and hanging onions, but none of them could change the golden retriever's "love" for the chair legs, the most hated things in our eyes, In the eyes of the dog, it is not worth mentioning at all, and it has to be bitten. For this reason, the young man is almost exhausted. It should be fine now, right? Seeing that the chairs at home were "persecuted" by the golden retriever, the young man was also heartbroken. It was all money. If it was bitten, he had to buy a new one. It was too worrying. Just one day he had another good idea. Thinking that if the legs of the chair are full of nails, no matter how good the teeth of the golden retriever are, they will not dare to bite again, right? He thought about it, and after thinking that this plan was feasible, he put nails on the legs of those "precarious" chairs. After seeing the "nail legs" in front of him, the young man smiled with satisfaction: This should be no problem, right? Still want to try it? I originally thought that this "nail leg" could make the golden retriever retreat despite the difficulties and stop playing the idea of ​​chair legs, but I didn't expect the dog to want to try it again. I saw that it tried to lick the nails with its tongue several times when no one was there, and it was scary to watch. Fortunately, Golden Retriever is not stupid, and gave up after trying a few times. After seeing the video uploaded by the guy, many netizens commented, "This is killing one thousand enemies and self-defeating eight hundred". If the guy's leg accidentally kicks on the chair in the future, wouldn't it be cool? Hahaha, veterinarian Xiao Ming thinks that this guy is probably "exhausted", so he was forced to come up with this method. Damn, it's really not easy to be a shit shovel officer. Message: No matter what breed of dog they are, they have both disadvantages and advantages. We can't follow the trend to raise dogs. Before raising dogs, we must consider whether we can accept their shortcomings. If you don't think about it, it is not recommended to have a dog. The consequence of impulsively raising a dog is that once you discover the shortcomings of the dog, as the dog grows up, the shortcomings will be infinitely magnified, which will only make you hate dogs more and more. When we raise pets, we must be more patient and tolerant, just like the shit shoveling officer above, thinking about "protecting the chair" instead of discarding the dog. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.

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