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Top 5 "tricksters" in the dog world, hypertensive patients, it is recommended not to keep

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Top 5 "tricksters" in the dog world, hypertensive patients, it is recommended not to keep

Dogs are diverse. There are well-behaved and sensible dogs, which make pet owners feel relieved and relieved, and there are also naughty "tricksters" that make pet owners laugh and cry. Let's take a look at the 5 kinds of dogs that many people say are "troubling" in the dog world. Are they worthy of their name? If it is, hypertensive patients, it is recommended not to raise!


Character: Happy, energetic, neurotic Average life expectancy: 10-12 years Trick or treat, no one should question the Husky's inclusion in the list, right? If your husky is not naughty, can you tell me the address, please? I want too! Huskies have a well-known reputation as a "big decoration family". Whether it is soft decoration or hard decoration, it is a matter of hand. As long as they are willing to do it, our master Hu can win any decoration list.


Character: Passionate, brave, bold Average life span: 12-15 years , I have to mention, Corgi, who has a little blood relationship with Erha. Don't look at Corgi as a friendly and enthusiastic good dog, but it also has a naughty nature. Its cheerful personality is actually quite similar to Erha, and it has the same expression pack. Corgi's curiosity is also relatively strong, and its energy is relatively abundant, so its destructive power cannot be underestimated, and it is still cheerful and heartless. The owner can't punish it at all, after all, don't slap the smiling dog.


Character: Smart, lively, curious Average life span: 12-16 years when someone sees Pomeranian Think it's impossible to trick or treat? I thought so too. In fact, although its physique is small, its heart is lively and active. The destructive power is also not proportional to the body and physique, and it is extremely curious. It not only likes to join in the fun, but also wants to stand in the front row to watch the show when it sees people or dogs quarreling, and even join in. And it is also very troublesome. Because it is more aggressive, it may be provocative when encountering other dogs, but if it is no match, it will hide behind its owner and let the owner help it clean up the "endgame".


Personality: Gentle, friendly, clingy, naughty Average lifespan: 12-15 years Samoyed It has the title of "Smile Angel", but also has the title of "Trick or Treat Devil". Although it looks harmless and has a gentle and well-behaved personality, it is actually a naughty puppy. Once the owner doesn't like it, it may do some small damage in the back and surprise the owner. But the Samoyed is only occasionally naughty. Its cuteness and cuteness are still loved by everyone. Much of its cuteness and cuteness is due to its fluffy and beautiful white fur. If you want its hair to be more beautiful, you can give it more hair-beautiful foods, such as salmon, egg yolk cabbage, carrots, kelp powder, etc., and snacks can also be replaced with hair-beautifying effects.


Personality: docile, honest, lively and active Life expectancy: 8-12 years Known as a very good working dog, how can it be a "troublemaker"? But in fact, when he was a child, he was really a naughty egg. He was very playful and had very low obedience to the owner. But take a little time to teach, get through the naughty hours, and you will reap a mature and stable Lala, with high IQ, obedience will become stronger, but also understanding, is the master's capable little follower. But Lala eats a lot and is gluttonous. The pet should be careful not to let her eat fat, which will affect her health. If it is already overweight, it should be replaced with a low-fat, easy-to-digest dog food to help it lose weight scientifically. Conclusion: Is your dog a "trickster" or a "good dog"?


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