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Low-key treasure - "Chow Chow", no loss of shares

Time:2023-03-27 14:00:26 author:Botanical Garden Read:504次
Low-key treasure - "Chow Chow", no loss of shares

Many people like cute and cute dogs. In addition to the famous representatives such as French Dou and Pug, there is actually another kind of dog - Chow Chow, which is also very cute, and is a low-key treasure dog. Dog, it's not a loss to invest in shares. The historical origin of the Chow Chow: The Chow Chow was produced in Tibet, China more than 2,000 years ago. In ancient times, it was called the ox (xiao). Its accurate history can be traced back to the Shang Dynasty, but it was the most prosperous in the Tang Dynasty. Because in the Tang Dynasty, it was deeply favored by the emperor. Its charm: Ⅰ The cute Chow Chow has a naive face, which is not only bitter, but also cute and cute, directly poking the hearts of many people. And it also has fluffy hair, like a little lion, fluffy, and it feels absolutely good.

Ⅱ Quiet

Chow Chow is a low-key and quiet dog, it will not be noisy like other dogs, and it also Very sensible, will help the master to work, when the master needs it, it can always appear by the master's side.

Ⅲ Loyalty

Chow Chow is a very loyal dog. It can be said to be devoted to its owner, and it only recognizes one owner in its life. You have raised it since childhood, so congratulations, it will never betray you, and will accompany you until old age.

Ⅳ Unique

I believe that many people want to own a unique dog. The Chow Chow has a blue-purple tongue that other dogs don’t have. , has its own characteristics and highlights, and will never be the same as others. Ⅴ With the ability to watch the house, the Chow Chow is very alert. In the face of abnormal noises, it will quickly detect it, and it has a very shocking appearance. The key is that its attack power is not weak. Do not dare to patronize your home, giving you a full sense of security. Ⅵ The independent Chow Chow is a relatively independent dog. It is very easy for the owner, has an elegant personality, does not like to be disruptive, has its own style, and even has a noble temperament, but it is still relatively obedient to the owner. If you still want it to have a higher degree of obedience, you can start training from an early age, and it can be paired with snacks. The Chow Chow will cooperate with motivation. After all, it is also a greedy dog. Ⅶ Another point of the Chow Chow is that it is very endearing, that is, it is not picky eaters, it will eat whatever the owner gives it, and it will not be very delicate and picky. But for its health, it is recommended that the owner not feed some unnutritious food at will, which is not conducive to its physical development. It is best to choose a high-protein, nutritionally balanced dog food. Conclusion: Do you want to adopt a Chow Chow?


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