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Facing a cat fight, what should a shit shovel officer do?

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Facing a cat fight, what should a shit shovel officer do?

In the fast-paced life of modern society, many shit shoveling officers do not have enough time to accompany their pets. Cats will be lonely if they stay at home alone for a long time. If you have one more cat, you can let the cats accompany each other. However, for families with multiple cats, it can be said that cat fights are commonplace, and they may be grooming each other two seconds ago. The cats turned their heads and scuffled with each other. This situation is not only a headache for the shit shoveling officer, but the cats at home may also suffer physical trauma due to fighting, ranging from shedding a few tufts of hair, to severe bloodshed, and the "battlefield" is also a mess.

What causes cats to fight?

As an animal with complex emotions and independent consciousness, there are many possible reasons why cats fight. Such as estrus, territorial awareness, or food snatch. Only by knowing the reasons behind them can we prescribe the right medicine.
  • Territory disputes and competition for food
As small cats, domestic cats are also territorial, which is innate by nature; males are territorial Consciousness will be stronger than females. For multi-cat households, if you look closely, you will find that each cat has its own exclusive range of activities. They are also staggered to avoid conflicts when they have to share active areas. Male cats generally use urine to mark territories; so if you see a cat spraying urine during a fight, you're basically sure it's a territorial battle. They growl and hiss during fights, and try to bite the back of each other's neck. For weaker cats, they will run away and withdraw, and the final result is obvious. Both the strong cat and the weak cat agree with such a social hierarchy, and then the two will reduce conflict. For Aboriginal people, the new cat also poses a threat of encroachment on its territory. At this time, the two cats can be separated first, and then after slowly getting familiar with each other's smell and presence, fighting can be reduced. Although multi-cat families are under the same roof, as independent conscious individuals, they are unwilling to share food, toys, and litter boxes with other cats. If they are robbed by other cats, they have to fight to solve it. Therefore, in a multi-cat household, each cat should have its own independent food bowl, cat litter box, and even more toys.
  • Fights caused by heat
If male cats are in heat and female cats do not cooperate, they can also fight. This situation may occur even in neutered cats, mainly because the sterilization of male cats occurs after sexual maturity, because they already have memories and habits, so even if they have been neutered, they will repeat these actions out of animal instinct. In this case, the shit shoveling officer can properly guide, and this kind of behavior can be improved and disappeared.
  • Fights at play
  • Kittens typically use play and fights to train their hunting skills and release their energy. Although many cats have grown older, they still retain this playful fighting behavior. If they are just playing and fighting, the shit shoveler doesn't have to worry too much. But it is also possible to hit and hit, no light or heavy, accidentally injured and so on. The cat's nails must be trimmed regularly, otherwise it will hurt for a long time.

    What should you do in a cat fight?

    If the cats in the house often fight, they should attract the attention of the shovel officer. After all, for weak cats, it is very likely that there will be emotional anxiety, behavior changes, etc., such as hiding in corners and not like to bark; or fear of eating in an environment with other cats. At this time, the shoveling officer can take some actions to avoid the occurrence of cat fighting behavior.
    • Dividing the range of activities
    Divide the range of activities of two cats at home to avoid intersection, and separate the two cats first.
  • Change the feeding method
  • Place the two bowls and the food at a certain distance at the same time, so that the two cats can see each other when eating, but not fight because they are too close; after eating for a period of time , and take away the bowl and food at the same time. This will make the cat think that there will be food to eat when other cats are around. Finally, according to the reaction of the cat every time the cat eats, slowly adjust the distance of the bowl, and then continue to pull the bowl after confirming that the cat does not feel any pressure;
    • Change their relationship patterns
    When dealing with a cat, try ignoring it and feeding both cats regular meals when they are close to the pen Favorite snacks. It is also to let the cat develop a habit, because there is each other, there will be delicious food. When they are stable, you can remove the fence and let them slowly touch.
  • Distract attention, let out energy
  • To keep cats from fighting, you can also distract them and let their energy out of nowhere to vent out in normal times. For example, give those strong cats a larger plush toy and let this plush toy play the role of a victim cat; spending some time with them every day to play games can effectively vent their excess energy. Finally, for cats who are neutered, castration surgery is the best way to reduce the secretion of cats' hormones, which can make cats more docile.


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