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Cat feeding misunderstandings, how to feed cats scientifically

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Cat feeding misunderstandings, how to feed cats scientifically

"People take food as their heaven", and cats are no exception. How to feed cats well, so that they can grow up healthily, the shit shoveling officers are also heartbroken. A correct diet can not only enhance the immunity of cats, reduce the chance of getting sick, protect the health of pets, but also prolong the life of cats. Therefore, how to feed cats scientifically is something that every shit shovel officer must understand. What are the misconceptions about cat feeding? Misunderstanding 1: Feeding cats too much food When many people raise cats, they are used to feeding cats a lot and have no control over their diets. And some food-loving cats, some will eat all the time, and even eat until they vomit. Excessive feeding can easily lead to obesity in cats. While it is true that chubby cats are cute, obesity can cause many health problems, compare cats with diabetes, arthritis and urinary tract diseases. In fact, these can all be collectively referred to as metabolic syndrome. Especially for domestic cats, they do not need to prey on their own, and they do not exercise much. Most of them eat, sleep, sleep, and eat. The consumption of food is far less than the intake, resulting in cats getting fatter and fatter. The food intake of cats can be calculated according to their weight. The daily calorie requirement of cats of different ages: Calorie calculation method: body weight (kg) * calorie value required for the corresponding age = daily calorie requirement; for example: 1 year old, The daily calorie requirement for a cat weighing 4kg is: 4kg * 70 kcal = 280 kcal / day; after calculating the daily calorie requirement of the cat, the daily calorie requirement can be calculated according to the label on the cat food package (metabolizable energy). The amount you need to eat. Almost all cat food and canned packaging are marked with metabolizable energy, as shown in the red line: the metabolizable energy of Aikena cat food is marked as 4080 kcal / kg; the formula for calculating how much cat food a cat needs to eat per day is: Calorie requirement / metabolizable energy value * 1000g = amount of cat food / day; for a more intuitive example: how many grams of cat food should a 1-year-old cat with a weight of 4kg eat per day? The answer is: 280 kcal / 4080 kcal * 1000g = 68.62g / day; it can also be fed according to the recommended feeding amount on the cat food package. The following is the feeding standard for gluten-free red meat. Cats are not resistant to the temptation of food , As a responsible shit shoveling officer, you must pay attention to maintaining the normal intake of calories for cats, and at the same time ensure the matching of nutrition and sufficient exercise. Misunderstanding 2: Only feed cats dry food We usually prepare dry cat food for cats, because dry cat food is relatively simple to store, the price is relatively affordable, and it is very convenient. It is the first choice for most shovelers. However, the water content of dry cat food is very low, generally between 5% and 10%; while the water content of wet cat food is generally 70%, and the water content of canned cat food is more, generally more than 78%. Since the ancestors of cats are desert cats living in arid regions, they are less sensitive to thirst and relatively unwilling to drink water. For domestic cats, if they only eat dry cat food and the cat does not like to drink water, it will easily lead to insufficient water intake in the cat's body, which will lead to urinary system diseases in the long run. Therefore, in the feeding of cats, dry cat food should be used as the main food, and wet cat food should be used as the complementary food to ensure the cat's daily water intake. Wet cat food is divided into canned cat food and fresh cat food. Canned cat food can not only improve the cat's diet, but also add water to the cat, but the choice of canned food also needs attention, and don't feed canned snacks as a staple food. Fresh cat food is generally a variety of meat foods, such as chicken breast, beef and fish. It is generally recommended to give it to cats after cooking. Of course, remember not to put any seasonings, just boil it in plain water. In addition, some shovelers will directly feed raw meat to cats. If your cat has the habit of eating raw meat, this is also possible. Be sure to do a good job of freezing and sterilization, and do a good job of deworming the cat to prevent the cat from contracting parasites. . Although eating wet cat food can add water to cats, it cannot be eaten for a long time, because wet cat food is sticky, and long-term consumption can easily cause cats to suffer from diseases such as periodontitis, and cats will become picky eaters if they eat too much. Myth 3: Not providing enough clean water for cats This is because the ancestors of cats lived in arid regions, and their water was usually obtained from their daily food. For example, small mice prey in the wild, these animals will contain more water in their bodies. And they live in environments that lack rivers and long-term drinking water sources, which led to cats' ancestors evolving bodily functions that did not require additional drinking water. They will fully absorb and use the water in the urine, which is why the concentration of cat urine is much higher than that of humans or dogs. But drinking water is especially important for domestic cats. The staple food of cats mentioned above cannot provide them with sufficient water, and the owner needs to provide additional water sources, but cats themselves are not very thirsty and do not like to drink water actively, and cats have relatively high requirements on water quality, such as the smell of bleaching powder. Or water with other smells, stale water, water with foreign objects, such as cat hair floating on the water surface, sometimes the shovel officer forgets to change the water, resulting in a basin of water that has been left for a long time, and cats do not like to drink this water. In this situation, it is easy to cause urinary system problems in cats. In order to avoid cat dehydration, in addition to the dry and wet cat food mentioned above, you can also provide clean or flowing water for cats. Usually we see that cats like water from the faucet, so we can use water dispensers to supply water to cats. Even if we use a bowl, we need to change the water in the morning and evening to ensure the cleanliness of the drinking water. Another point to note is that the cat's drinking water must be placed in a clean and quiet place, not near the litter box or in the passage. The daily water intake of a cat can be calculated according to the cat's weight. 1kg needs about 50-60ml of water, which also includes the water in the food. If there is more water in the food, then the drinking water can also be appropriately reduced. In addition, the amount of water the cat drinks depends on the cat's physical condition and weather conditions. In summer, you must drink more. Misunderstanding 4: I always feel that cats are malnourished, and supplement cats with various nutritional and health care products. Many shit shoveling officers are always worried that their cats are not nutritious enough, and they cannot get enough balanced nutrition through their daily diet. See the various nutrients recommended on the Internet Feeding the product to the cat is easy to cause the cat to overnutrition. Nutrient excess can lead to nutritional imbalances and toxic conditions. For example, the problem of deep sea fish oil, such products can supplement Omega-3 and Omega-6, that is, if your cat has a potential Omega-3 deficiency, you can use this. However, some shit shovelers often give cats a variety of tuna liver or cod liver oil-processed nutrients. Excessive intake of these nutrients will lead to vitamin A poisoning in cats, and serious bone and joint pain in cats. Bones become weak, skin becomes dry, etc. There are many so-called pet nutrition and health products on the market, and the quality is uneven, but are they really useful? Shit shoveling officials should not rely too much on these products. The intake of daily staple food is the key. If the diet cannot keep up, it is useless to eat more health products. It is also necessary to choose rationally for the nutritional and health care products for cats. In the process of growth, cats need to maintain a balanced nutrition, whether it is too much or too little. Therefore, the shovel officer should understand the cat's eating habits and determine what can and cannot be eaten to ensure the cat's health. growing up.


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