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Do you want to know about the Maine Coon cat who bumped into his four-character brother?

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Do you want to know about the Maine Coon cat who bumped into his four-character brother?

With a handsome face, a cold temperament, and a domineering appearance, you fell in love at the first sight? He was also on the hot search because he collided with Yi Yang Qianxi. This is the Maine Coon cat known as the giant among cats. Maine Coon is native to Maine Coon, USA, and is the earliest long-haired cat breed that occurs naturally in North America. The most obvious feature of Maine Coon cats is "big". A Maine Coon cat named Stewie set two Guinness World Records in 2010. This cat is 123 cm long from nose to tail tip and weighs 15.9 kg. He is the cat with the longest body and the longest tail in the world. Basically, an adult Maine Coon cat can grow to about 1 meter. The average weight of an adult male cat is 5.9~8.2 kg, and the female cat is 3.6~5.4 kg. But they develop very slowly, reaching maturity at about four years old. In addition to being large, they also look like little tigers. They look fierce in appearance, with large and round heads, high cheekbones, long nose bridges, square mouths, wide ears, and dense long feathers. Maine's coat can adapt to the four seasons, the surface is long, smooth and waterproof, and the bottom layer is soft and warm. The tail is fluffy and the neck has a large "scarf". Having such a fluffy warm baby in winter really couldn't be better. The big Maine has a soft heart. Maine's character is super soft and cute. This contrast is like a sturdy guy who likes humming, with a very small voice. If the Ragdoll is a little princess, then the Maine Coon is a gentle knight. They are docile and gregarious, friendly to people and small animals, and families with multiple cats do not have to worry about bullying them; they are smart and obedient, exercise a lot, and love to play, especially for Maine Coons before the age of one, a must-have cat climbing frame at home . Are you already eager to try and want to raise one? Deterred after learning about Maine prices? The price of a regular cat house is generally between 7,000-35,000, mostly around 10,000 yuan. In order to maintain the pure blood of Maine Coon, the United States has imposed strict restrictions on the export of Maine Coon cats; in foreign countries, only regular cathouses can legally import Maine Coon cats that are not neutered. Most of the Maines that people buy are sterilized; they're scarce, so it's understandable that they're expensive. The upfront price is just the beginning. Maine because of the large size, the appetite is not ordinary. Not only does it eat more than a small cat, it is estimated that an ordinary cat can eat it in a week, and it also likes to drink water. The cat litter consumption is also fast, and the joy of shoveling excrement is also doubled; although Maine Coon cats can Eat, but it is not so exaggerated that people can eat poor, about 150-180g of cat food a day. Because it is a long-haired cat, the hair loss is serious, and the amount of hair loss is even several times that of other ordinary cats; not only should it be brushed every day to prevent knots, especially in the season of shedding, it should be cleaned diligently, otherwise cats will fly all over the sky. Hair can drive you crazy. So, do you still envy those shit shoveling officers who keep Maine Coon cats? Behind a cute cat, there is a patient and responsible shit shoveling officer. If you want to raise a cat, you must consider carefully.


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