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Pokemon is me, a cat with elf ears

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Pokemon is me, a cat with elf ears

Its ears are so special, have they always been curled like this? Many people are surprised to see a curly-eared cat, and even people who don't know much about cats think it is a fold-eared cat. However, the difference between a curly-eared cat and a folded-eared cat is quite obvious. Unlike a folded-eared cat whose ears are folded down, the ears of a curly-eared cat are rolled outwards, and they are natural, not artificial. Origin of the Curl The American Curl originated in California, USA. In 1981, an American couple adopted a black stray cat whose ear cartilage was turned outward. Later, the cat gave birth to 4 kittens, two of which also curled up like the mother cat's ears, which are the ancestors of the American curly-eared cat. In 1983, geneticist Roy Robinson determined the genetic stability of the American curly-eared cat. Curly-eared is a characteristic that can be inherited stably, unlike the folded-eared cat, which has genetic defects that bring health risks. And get TICA (The International CatAssociation International Cat Love Association) approved login registration. There is a 50% chance that kittens born from the parents of American curly-eared cats will form curly ears, but after generations of pedigree genes are stabilized, the probability of curly-eared kittens born between purebred American curly-eared cats is basically the same. 100%. In 1986, the first American Curly-eared cat appeared at a cat show. Although this variety appeared due to genetic mutation and has a short history of breeding, it has a unique shape and is very pleasing. In 1987, the American Curl-eared cat began to accept registration in TICA; in 1993, the American Curl-eared cat was certified by CFA (The Cat Fanciers' Association, International Cat Love Federation). Appearance characteristics of the American Curl cat The American Curl cat is of medium size, with an oval wedge-shaped head. The eyes are almond-shaped, with an oval top and a rounded bottom, widely spread. The ears of American curly-eared cats are normal at birth, and begin to roll back after 2-7 days. Generally, after four months, the curling angle is basically finalized. The ears of adult curly-eared cats can generally be curled from 90 degrees to 180 degrees. The ears are rounded at the ends and covered with feathers all around. American Curly-eared cats, both long-haired and short-haired, have softer coats, but long-haired tails are shaggy; they have less undercoat, so they are easy to care for. Almost all coat colors are recognized in American Curl cats, and there is no uniform coat color. The personality of the American Reel-eared cat is stable and intelligent, curious, and likes to play. It can not only get along well with humans, but also coexist peacefully with other small animals. It is an ideal family companion cat. Like other cats, they like to climb, jump, jump up and down, and like to stand on a high place and overlook. The shit shoveling officer can prepare cat climbing frames at home, so that cats can fully release their nature. The last thing that needs special attention is to be extra careful with their ears, do not knead at will, so as not to break the cartilage of the ears. If I have to say one disadvantage, it is expensive. Generally speaking, the purer the pedigree and the better the quality, the higher the price. If you don't pursue bloodline and purebred issues, it is generally around 3000-5000, and the price of pure bloodline is tens of thousands. So, do you also want to adopt a cat with strange ears?


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