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The misunderstanding of cats cutting nails, 90% of the shit shoveling officers are recruited

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The misunderstanding of cats cutting nails, 90% of the shit shoveling officers are recruited

Cats' nails are their most important hunting tools. They are usually kept in the cat's paw pads. The sharp nails are released only when hunting is threatened. For cats living in the wild, sharp nails can make it easier for them to catch prey. But in domestic cats, the role of nails is relatively less important. So do domestic cats have to trim their nails? Misunderstanding 1: Prepare a cat scratching board for cats without cutting their nails. Cats living in the wild are different from domestic cats. They can deal with excessively long nails in their own way, such as climbing trees, and the ground in the wild environment can help. Cats sharpen their claws, and they can sharpen their claws in more ways than house cats. For domestic cats, the scratching board alone cannot fully wear the cat's nails. After all, the material of the scratching board is corrugated paper or sisal, and the hardness is not enough, although it can satisfy the cat's desire to scratch. , but the claw grinding is still a little bit worse, and it can only be used as an auxiliary tool. The nails of cats are too sharp, and they will inevitably scratch people when they play at home. Especially for kittens under 8 months, they have poor control of their paws. It is easy to use their paws and mouths together when they are happy. There is no escape. And the sofas, curtains, etc. at home will also become toys for them to sharpen their claws. Moreover, if the cat's nails are not regularly trimmed, it is very likely that the nails will grow longer and longer, and even puncture the tender meat pads of the cat, which still needs to attract the attention of the shit shovel officer. Misunderstanding 2: Cats start cutting their nails soon after they are born. The number of times is frequent. For cats that are too young, the blood lines on the nails are not clear, and there are nerves and blood vessels in the blood lines. At this time, cutting the nails will easily hurt the cat. As a result, the cat has a fear of cutting nails, and it will become more and more difficult to cut nails in the future. It is best to wait for the cat to be about three months old. At this time, the cat will generally show signs of grinding claws, and the blood lines will be clearer. The number of nail clippings should not be too frequent, because too frequent will cause the cat's nails to become shorter and shorter. As the nails are shortened, the living flesh in the nails regresses and shortens. Therefore, it is generally reasonable to trim the cat's nails every 10-15 days. Misunderstanding 3: People use nail clippers to cut cats' nails. Cat's nails are not the same shape as human's nails. Cats are round and curved like a crescent moon, while humans are flat. It is easy to grasp the wrong angle with human nail clippers, which will cause the cat's nails to crack easily. Some shit shoveling officers think that dogs and cats have nails very similar, so they use dog nail clippers to cut the cat's nails. Nail clippers for dogs are too large for cats. It is not easy to operate, but it is easy to hurt the cat. It is recommended to use nail clippers specially designed for cats. Misunderstanding 4: Don't pay attention to the angle of the cut, when you cut it short, pay attention to the position of the blood line, which is about 2mm away from the blood line. The cross section is the tip and not the groove. In this way, even if it is cut short, it will retain a certain grasping force and will not affect the cat's playing with the cat climbing frame. The cat's nails are not easy to split in this direction. If you accidentally cut the bleeding, if the situation is not serious, you can disinfect and then press to stop the bleeding; if it is serious, it is recommended to take the cat to the pet hospital for treatment as soon as possible. In addition to avoiding the above easy mistakes, what are some tips for trimming cat nails? 1. Choose the right time. When the cat is more relaxed, such as when it is sleepy, when it is tired from playing, it is of course best if it can be easily woken up when it falls asleep. 2. Pinch the cat's paws more to make it accustomed to this behavior, pet the cat, so that the cat is less nervous, and it will be easier to accept when the nails are cut 3. Wrap the cat's body with a towel or blanket to expose the limbs This method is more suitable for beginners, and it is not easy to be scratched by the cat. 4. Quick and quick, cut it a few times separately. If the cat does not resist, then you can cut it all at once, but the cat resists more fiercely, and it is scratching and cutting. If it is scratched, you can let it go for the time being, and then cut it off when it is happy or relaxed, without having to put it in place at one time. 5. Finally, remember to give the cat some rewards, snacks, etc. after cutting the nails, and use the food to make them forget the unpleasantness just now.


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