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Rumors | Bengal leopard cat: The beautiful and unique leopard print on the body is the source of people's misunderstanding of me

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Rumors | Bengal leopard cat: The beautiful and unique leopard print on the body is the source of people's misunderstanding of me

Introduction: Leopard is a ferocious image in everyone's mind. Its unique pattern is beautiful and awesome. Leopard pattern is also a very popular element in the human world. And the unique pattern on the leopard is not only exclusive to it, the "leopard cat", which belongs to the same cat family, also has the same pattern. Although the leopard cat is called a cat, it is a breed included in the "banned" list, but there are many people who keep leopard cats on the Internet, so are they breaking the law? Or are ocelots actually allowed to be kept? Of course the answer is wrong! Now the people who raise leopard cats on the market do not raise "leopard cats", but leopard cats with the scientific name "Bengal leopard cat". The two were very different before, but it is also because the Bengal leopard cat has the same unique leopard print, so everyone They all call it the leopard cat directly, but it is indeed a kind of leopard cat. The origin of the Bengal leopard cat The Bengal leopard cat originated in 1963, a new breed that emerged from the mating of an Egyptian domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat. It was recognized by the TICA International Cat Association in 1984. A completely docile and well-behaved bloodline appeared. That is to say, it can be called a pure Bengal leopard cat from the fourth generation. At that time, the ferocity inherited from the Asian leopard cat has been gradually domesticated and become a kind of pet cat. It is collectively called leopard cat in China, but the full name is actually Bengal leopard cat, not a wild leopard cat. Although the name of the leopard cat sounds fierce, from the leopard print on its body, it also has a certain domineering force. The Bengal leopard cat has been bred and improved, and its body shape is mostly similar to that of ordinary domestic cats. The unique leopard print on its body is also It is representative, but because it is a descendant of leopard cats, its individual size will be larger than that of ordinary domestic cats. You must know that this Bengal cat, which is the size of a domestic cat, is not a banned breed, and it has an unusually docile and well-behaved personality, so don't be afraid of it just because of its leopard print! Leopard print is just my representative color. I am the best at acting cute and cute. Many people think that the leopard print on the Bengal leopard looks like a leopard, and that is also because the leopard print is a gene derived from the Asian leopard cat, although it has lost the ferocity of the Asian leopard cat. , but has a high IQ. Anyone who has raised a Bengal leopard cat knows how smart and docile it is. It has the wildness of the leopard cat, and at the same time has a strong curiosity about things and is not aggressive. I am afraid that the degree of lethargy of cats is known to everyone who has raised cats. It is also a kind of nature. Because of the leopard cat blood, the Bengal cat is very energetic, and liveliness is also one of its labels. Although it became a pet cat after being bred, it still does not lose its nature, loves outdoor sports, likes to climb trees; of course, it also has the characteristics of a domestic cat, loves to climb high, and is proficient in everything. It should also be grateful to its ancestor, the leopard cat. The habit of living in the wild brings it high IQ. Some people even say that it is smarter than a dog. It will greet you at the door like a dog, and lie beside you silently when you are tired. cute. Anyone who has ever raised a cat knows that unless a cat has been stray, it is difficult to accept going out for a walk, and the Bengal cat's nature has brought it this benefit, and it can take this "fierce" little master to go out for a walk anytime, anywhere. , The leopard print on his body is also very majestic, and he loves adventure. Raising a Bengal cat is equivalent to raising a dog. Before you know about the Bengal cat, I believe that everyone has a certain misunderstanding about the Bengal cat. Looking at its appearance, you will think that it is very aggressive, and you are afraid to come into contact with this breed. When you get to know it deeply, you will find that it is a cute and cute cat with a beautiful and noble leopard print. Bengal cats have very short hair. If they are afraid of severe hair loss, they are definitely suitable for raising a Bengal cat, and because of their natural conditions, Bengal cats rarely have obesity and do not need to lose weight at all. They love sports very much. Add a healthy dose of flavor to your muscle lines. At the same time, it is not afraid of water. Most cats will make a "killing pig" howl when bathing, but it is not at all, because it is born with the conditions for these outdoor adventures. If you decide to raise a Bengal leopard cat, you must choose a good channel, because after the Bengal leopard cat is well known to everyone, some businesses will use the Asian leopard cat to re-breed with the domestic cat in order to make the breed purer. Therefore, some people find that the Bengal cat that they bought has become much larger than the domestic cat after being raised, and the pedigree of such a Bengal cat has not been covered by the blood of the domestic cat, so there will be biting, hunting, and abnormal body size. The problem. So if you think you want to raise a Bengal leopard cat, you must choose it well, so as not to buy a leopard cat that illegally breeds without permission. Although it has a docile personality after becoming a pet cat, and it is no different from a domestic cat, there is one thing that must be noted. The Bengal leopard cat likes freedom very much. When raising it at home, remember to pay attention to its desire to rush out and play, and pay attention to closing the net. , otherwise it will jump out of the window accidentally. Occasionally, you can take it out to bask in the sun. It can be said that it is the same as raising a dog. When choosing cat food, you can also choose cat food with a higher fat content, which will help its daily consumption not become thinner. Although it is not aggressive, it should also be careful not to do some actions that it does not like, otherwise it will also scratch people. At the same time, the Bengal cat was born after being screened from generation to generation. Among all cat breeds, the Bengal cat has the widest gene pool. For this reason, the Bengal cat avoids many genetic diseases. It is impossible to own, and for this reason, many people have become fans of the Bengal Leopard cat road. A Bengal leopard cat with leopard print on its body, extremely domineering on the outside, but docile, cute and coquettish on the inside is an ideal cat in many people's hearts, and its physical advantages are also very strong, which makes many shit shoveling officers convinced by it. . If you like such a Bengal cat, you might as well get one and try it out, making life full of surprises, combining the advantages of cats, and having advantages that other cats do not have, that is a perfect cat - Bengal cat.


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