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Do cats misunderstand faucets?

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Do cats misunderstand faucets?

In everyone's impression, it is generally believed that cats are afraid of water. Why do you all think so? Mainly I feel that the cat is afraid of taking a bath, especially does not like to be wet, and the cat can't swim. This is actually a misunderstanding. Cats are not naturally afraid of water, and some cats even play with water. Especially curious cats. Some cats even like to swim, such as the Turkish Van cats with perfect swimming skills. For them, taking a bath is almost a daily activity, so their coats have also evolved a waterproof mode, which fully adapts to the living environment. . Tigers, which are cats, also swim a lot. What can I do with a cat that loves to play with water? I usually like to steal the water from the water cup, and even the water in the toilet is not spared. If you meet another cat who loves to play with water from the faucet, your water bill will probably go up again. Like children, cats like to be naughty and mischievous, but what else can they do? Sometimes looking at them can make you laugh or cry, not just to drink water, the key is to be cute and lethal. As long as you don't secretly drink toilet water, play with a faucet is nothing!


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