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Is it true that the more talkative the cat is, the more dependent it is on you?

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Is it true that the more talkative the cat is, the more dependent it is on you?

When some researchers observed the behavior of cats, they found that cats are very quiet animals. It usually takes hundreds of hours for researchers to find a wild cat meowing. However, cats raised by humans have a higher frequency of meowing, and people think that this is a common way of communication for cats. In fact, meowing is a language specially prepared for humans. The cat's meow is soft and cute, and the shit shoveling officer has no resistance to it. Under normal circumstances, the communication between cats does not need to open their mouths, but through smell and limbs. Once the cats start to communicate with each other, they are either going to be in heat or fighting. At this time, the cry was not only high in decibels, but also harsh and shrill. When the cats were little milk cats, the frequency of meowing was relatively high, because as long as they called to the mother cat, they could get food and caress, but as they got older, the mother cat stopped responding. Instead, let them know that they are already a mature cat and can't meow anymore. Slowly, the cat people began to hide their meowing skills. So we don't usually see adult cats meowing and meowing. The words "Sha, Ulla Ola" are only heard when they're fighting. But in the process of getting along with humans, the cat people found that the soft and long meows can be caressed and fed by the shit shovel officer. They may have tried different calls and chose the one that most attracted the attention of the shit shovel officer and became a habit between you. BBC experts also explained this, each cat has a unique set of language to communicate with its own shit shoveling officer. This language can only be understood by its own shit shoveling officer, and it is different from the same kind of communication. Understand that cats actually have two languages. Therefore, some cats will regain the ability to meow, calling and nagging at the shit shovel officer. Most of this kind of cat is a coquettish, super-dependent mother cat. However, although some cats can also meow, but just to eat in one bite, there is no sound after feeding. For them, the shit shovel is like a feeding machine. Also, not all cats meow, usually only cats that have been raised by humans do. Pure feral cats that have not been raised by humans will not make this sound. Cats meow to express their needs, they are hungry, they want you to play with them, or the litter box is dirty, or it may be purely for petting and petting. Maybe the cat also regards the shit shoveling officer as a cat mother. I believe you will always be by its side, and you can get a response as soon as you call. This dependence will also make the cat love its own shit shovel officer like a cat mother. Although sometimes we don't fully understand the needs of cats, your response gives them a sense of security, and the cat's reliance on the shovel officer will also make you feel sweet and happy, especially when you come home and open the door. Instantly, the cat meows at you, and the feeling of tumbling over is even stronger.


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