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Are you still feeding cat food? You think 'nutrient-rich' cat food is jeopardizing your cat's health

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Are you still feeding cat food? You think 'nutrient-rich' cat food is jeopardizing your cat's health

Guys, are you still feeding your cats cat food? If so, I hope you will continue to look down.

Delicious food and drink, why do cats have problems?

Recently, a netizen reacted to me, saying that my cat went into heat in less than four months! I took it to the hospital for examination, but I couldn't find any reason. The liver index was not up to standard, so I was very puzzled and didn't know why this happened. You must know that according to normal, cats do not come into heat until 8-10 months after birth. Why does this happen? After some later understanding, he has been feeding cat food since the kittens were weaned. The problem lies in the cat food. When this netizen heard my answer, he was very surprised. Cats are his heart, and he usually provides delicious food. He saves money every month because he wants to give Cats should buy some expensive cat food, not to mention that cat food is good, but not bad.

Is cat food really that good?

How can there be a problem with cat food? In fact, the concept of "cats eat cat food is good" on the market is artificially created by merchants, so I don't need to say more. Most dry cat food on the market is dehydrated and contains excessive carbohydrates, is of poor quality and contains various additives. You may have seen many foreigners on the Internet feeding their cats cat food, because it is cheap and convenient! But in our country, the cat food bought by most of the shit shoveling officials is not cheap, right? Why does the cheap foreign cat food become expensive when it crosses the ocean to China? Is the extra money still spent on your cat? Cat Writers Association (CWA) professor Franny Syufy mentioned in his paper that kittens (after 6 weeks) should eat fresh meat protein as the staple food, because this is the most important and basic nutrient element for cats, fresh meat Protein is not only a necessary substance for the growth and development of cats, but also determines the physical quality of cats throughout their lives. Plant-based proteins, such as cereal-based cat food and cat food (dry commercial food), are just not what cats need.

One ​​cat carried it all

The netizen's kitten was fed cat food from the very beginning, which contained preservative additives, food coloring, and even There are illegal hormones, food attractants, herbicides and other harmful substances. Kittens are not suitable for cat food. Feeding kittens with cat food will lead to precocious puberty. The liver needs to detoxify the illegal ingredients in cat food, and the overburden will lead to abnormal liver function. Dehydration and excess detoxification lead to dysfunction of the kidneys due to overburdened kidneys. Really young, a cat took everything. I'm so tired

Homemade cat food is the best choice

So please don't feed cat food for a long time, you may not be feeding cat food Hidden dangers, it is also good to change the food for the cat occasionally. What to replace? If you have a cat at home and you have the time, I highly recommend making your own cat food! It is definitely unrealistic for all cat owners to make their own cat food, and the specific situation will be analyzed in detail. The judges decide for themselves. Let's take a look at what is good about homemade cat food. The netizen also followed my suggestion and made homemade cat food for cats. After a period of time, he came to me and told me that he drank less water for his cat, and that he had changed from twice a day to once a day, or even once every two days. Because cats mainly absorb meat and some vegetables and vitamins, the nutrients in homemade cat food are very beneficial to the cat's gastrointestinal absorption, and the amount of cake is naturally reduced. This may also be a benefit for this shit shoveling officer, minus a lot of daily shit shoveling work. So, what do you usually feed your cat? Welcome to discuss in the message box.


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