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Once poor enough to afford cat treats, I'm now a health ambassador who doesn't feed junk food

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Once poor enough to afford cat treats, I'm now a health ambassador who doesn't feed junk food

Have you ever fed your cat treats? In addition to the staple food, in order to make the owner happy, the shit shoveling officers also need all kinds of cat snacks, such as cat strips, cat biscuits, cat pudding and so on. Just open Taobao and search, all kinds of snacks will dazzle you. But have you ever wondered, are these cat treats really safe? As a shit shoveling officer, try to give the best to the cat within your ability. Small combs, as large as cat food, are all purchased after careful selection. Be especially careful about eating, as is the cat treats you buy. (The main reason is because of poverty) Because the budget is mainly in staple food, there are naturally fewer snacks. The possible harmful ingredients in cat snacks When it comes to those popular snacks on Taobao, the sales volume is tens of thousands. Even if you don’t take the initiative to buy them, most of them have received similar gifts when you shop online. At this time, the raw material list of the product needs to be read carefully, but for some disgusting merchants, they will not make a mark on the raw material list, and it is even more difficult to choose a safe snack. For example, whether there is sodium nitrite (industrial salt), sucrose, soybean protein, corn raw materials, etc. Sodium nitrite (industrial salt) will produce carcinogenic nitrosamine compounds when eaten; sucrose, a raw material, can easily contaminate pathogenic microorganisms, such as mites, which can cause diarrhea, asthma or hemoptysis, and easily complicated by bronchitis or pneumonia; Corn and soybeans are allergenic ingredients and are one of the causes of many difficult skin diseases and tear stains. Sometimes feeding the wrong snacks can make your cat sick and suffer instead. Can I still have snacks? This is not to say that all snacks cannot be fed, but it still needs to be carefully selected. Don't feed it under the banner of "baby loves to eat". After all, cat snacks have too deep routines, and shit shoveling officers must learn to distinguish them. Check the ingredients carefully before buying, try to buy products from big manufacturers, especially avoid products with three nos; read more evaluation articles, and pay attention to the learning and supplement of relevant knowledge. Instead of eating snacks that affect the cat's staple food absorption or intake, it's better not to eat them, and the money you save can buy better staple food! Do-it-yourself snacks Cats are carnivores. For those who want to improve their master's diet, you can consider canning, freeze-drying, or you can make some jerky, boiled chicken breast, and steamed saury; for cats, air-dried, boiled , steamed, and fried without oil are all kinds of meat that are truly delicious. Do-it-yourself raw materials rest assured, no strange chemical flavorings. Buy chicken breasts, rabbit meat, beef, etc., and then dry them in the oven or dryer for proper preservation. Take one when you take a bath, and one after trimming your nails. It’s so beautiful~ Here’s the easiest way to make chicken jerky: Preparation materials: 2 pieces of chicken breast, tin foil, airtight jar (sealed bag) Step 1. Cut the chicken breast into slices or strips, with a moderate thickness, about 0.5cm Step 2. Put the cut chicken breast into boiling water and cook When cooked, remove and drain the water. Step 3. Put tin foil on the baking tray, then spread the chicken evenly, put it in the oven, the temperature is 150 degrees, the time is 25 minutes, turn over and bake for another 10 minutes. Step 4. Take out the roasted meat slices, air-dry and cool, and then store in an airtight seal. Since homemade snacks have no preservatives, be sure to store them in airtight jars or bags. Snacks are delicious, but be careful not to eat too much.


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