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The stray cat picked up at the door of the hotel has changed a lot after being raised for 9 months. It is really different when someone hurts

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The stray cat picked up at the door of the hotel has changed a lot after being raised for 9 months. It is really different when someone hurts

Have you ever adopted a stray cat? How do they grow and change? Many people despise those little wild cats outside. They look thin and timid, and they are not easy to be loved by their relatives. But have you thought about it? It is the long-term stray experience that makes them fall behind pet cats everywhere. If they are carefully raised, they can also complete the transformation, such as the stray cat in the following story. I finally got a chance to take you home. The first meeting was 4.5 years ago. At that time, it was just a stray cat eating in front of the restaurant. He was timid and afraid of life. Whenever there was no one, he dared to rub something. eat. At that time, the boy had already noticed it: he was only two or three months old, bony, with a public face, and his timid appearance made people look distressed. At that time, the idea of ​​adopting came to mind. But considering that my own people are still working in other places, and there are already several cats at home, I feel that it is not suitable, so I dismissed this idea. I thought that the fate with the stray cat was cut off, but maybe it was a secret arrangement. When he returned to the city after wandering around, the little guy was still wandering around there. Sadly, a few years later, it hasn't changed much. Both in character and appearance. But this time, the guy finally had the opportunity to take it home and named it "Full Moon". In 9 months, the stray cat has changed amazingly. When it first came home, it was much worse than other cats in the family in terms of appearance and personality. An adult cat, weighing less than 5 pounds, can't touch any other meat except ribs. Speaking of personality, it doesn't fit in with other cats in the family, and it doesn't play well with other cats in the family, and often sits silently alone. Looking at such a stray cat, the boy's heart is also full of doubts: Will it slowly get better? However, time answered the question. Because it has been wandering in the wild for several years, although it is not physically strong, it does not admit defeat. Under the careful raising of the young man, it seems to have been reborn, its weight has soared to about 10 pounds, and its size has doubled. Not only that, the hair is also much softer, and it is no longer the "straw" texture of the past. In addition, the character of the little guy has gradually improved, from not being social to being accepted by the aborigines, everything has developed in a good direction. If it didn't meet the guy and was not adopted, what would it be like? Maybe it can't see itself in such a good state in its life, and it can't feel the feeling of being loved. Maybe in a cold winter, it died silently in a corner, no one knows, and no one will distressed. But with the shit shoveling officer, its meow life has been completely changed, and it has since reached its peak. Veterinarian Xiao Ming thinks that the shit shovel officer and the cat are going both ways. Before adopting it, the shit shovel officer was not sure that the cat could become so good. The current cat is completely the result of the efforts of both parties. Therefore, small wild cats can also bloom into beautiful flowers, it depends on whether anyone is willing to irrigate. Message: Those stray cats in the wild are actually "princesses" living in the folk, but they have no chance to transform, because they lost to stray cats from the starting line. I hope those shoveling officers who have the idea of ​​raising cats can also consider stray cats. When you feel them with your heart, you will find that they are not bad, they just need a chance to prove themselves. Veterinarian Xiao Ming sincerely hopes that more and more stray animals can have a home, and they will no longer have to be displaced. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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