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If I give you one for free, who do you want of these 6 kinds of dogs?

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If I give you one for free, who do you want of these 6 kinds of dogs?

Many people love dogs, but everyone's favorite dog may be different. If you were given a dog for free, which of the following 6 types of dogs would you most want?

Chinese Pastoral Dog—the representative of "loyal guardian"

The Chinese pastoral dog is also affectionately called As "local dogs", they are notoriously loyal and loyal to their owners. They are so committed to their owners that they will recognize you as old as long as you give them a bite to eat. And it is very spiritual and very smart. As long as the owner sees it, it can understand the owner's instructions, and it is vigilant and has the ability to watch the house.

Husky—the representative of "funny and funny"

Husky's funny temperament seems to be innate Come here, often do some things that make the master puzzled, but can't laugh or cry. It is very energetic and curious, so people often describe it as "director of the demolition office". Although it often makes pet owners angry, it is undeniable that after raising it, it can be said that life will never be boring, and it has the appearance of a dog, which is one of the reasons why it is sought after by many people.

Fadou——the representative of "ugly, cute and gentle"

Fadou is a small dog that lives in It occupies a small space, and has a gentle and non-noisy personality, and it does not exercise much. It only needs a simple walk. It also has an ugly face and a variety of expressions, which can sometimes make people unexpectedly. hilarious. It is also very friendly to people, especially it is very tolerant of children, even if there are children, it can be raised with confidence.

Corgi——the representative of "lively and interesting"

Corgi not only looks cute, but also has a personality Very lively and interesting, looking at its heartless smile all day long, as well as its funny emoticons, it is not difficult to see that it is a very interesting dog. Moreover, it is also easier to support, not picky eaters, and more independent, and does not need to worry about the pet owner. If you raise a little corgi, when you come home and see a smiling dog rushing towards you, you will be naturally tired. dissipated.

Golden Retriever——the representative of "smart and warm man"

Golden Retriever is famous for being warm and friendly, and it is recognized that he is not aggressive Sex, its appearance is also very high, with golden hair, soft and elegant, which is very good for its appearance. It is also very caring and warm to the owner, and it is also a good helper for the owner. It can help the owner work. It is really a very good dog. I believe many people will be very moved by it. Who can refuse a little golden retriever? But in order for the golden retriever to be so smart and capable, the master's careful teaching and training is indispensable. When the golden retriever does well, you can give it a snack reward, so that it will express itself more hard.

Bichon - the representative of "cute and sticky"

Bichon is also a very good companion The dog, like a little marshmallow, is sticky and cute, and it is completely the owner's warm-hearted baby. Seeing it is very heart-warming. But pay attention to the fact that Bichon is prone to tear marks. If you don't pay attention, it will affect its beauty, and its cuteness will be greatly reduced. So pay attention to the diet of Bichon Frise, and don’t let it eat too salty or too much food that gets angry. It is best to choose a light dog food to feed it. Conclusion: What kind of dog do you most want to have?

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