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Confessions of a Dog: Don't get me wrong, I'm just protecting you

Time:2022-11-27 09:05:42 author:Fish Read:507次
Confessions of a Dog: Don't get me wrong, I'm just protecting you

Many people know that dogs are very loyal and protective of their owners, but sometimes owners don’t know that they are protecting themselves, and they often misunderstand dogs. To this, dogs just want to say: Don’t think I’m making trouble, I’m just In protecting you = the dog goes out and surrounds the owner tightly = if you take the dog out, it will surround you tightly, and when it encounters a stranger, it will be serious and stand in front of you, then congratulations, get a A dog with a strong sense of responsibility and protection. =Sometimes violent towards strangers for no reason=Sometimes it is found that the dog will bark angrily at strangers for no reason. In fact, this is also its protective psychology. The dog is very vigilant when approaching strangers and will be very resistant The stranger is near the master. = Obstructing the owner to do something = Sometimes the dog will obstruct the pet owner's behavior, not letting the owner walk or get close to something, all because the dog's perception ability is relatively strong and can know the danger that humans cannot detect, so the dog The dog is obstructive, not necessarily disruptive, it really wants to protect you. = Always watch the owner, and even stare at the owner to go to the toilet = There are many pet owners whose scalp is numb when the dog stares at the toilet, in fact, it just wants to protect you. In the dog's world, it thinks that it is easy to be attacked when excreting, so it will stare at the owner when the owner goes to the toilet. = Routine patrolling at home before going to bed = The dog will often walk around the house before going to bed. The pet owner thinks it is boring and wants to have fun. In fact, it is just patrolling the home environment to confirm whether the surrounding is safe. It will only run to sleep, which is also the performance of it protecting the owner and helping the owner look after the house. = Sleeping next to the owner = The dog likes to sleep with the owner or beside the owner. This is not only because it depends on the owner, but also because it wants to protect the owner. The dog is very alert and can find out in time Dangerous and protect the owner. The dog cares so much about the pet owner. The pet owner can give the dog some rewards to make the dog happier and sleep with the dog. It is inevitable to take good care of the dog's hair. = Likes to lick the owner and rub the owner, leaving a unique smell = In fact, the dog likes to lick the owner and rub the owner, and it also means protection. Dogs are very sensitive to smells, leaving their own unique smell to the owner can make other dogs dare not get too close to the owner and hurt the owner. But some dogs keep wanting to leave smells on their owners because they are too possessive and insecure. If so, the pet owner can accompany him more to give him a sense of security, and he can also prepare delicious and high-quality food for him. Dog food, so that it can feel more love from the pet owner. Conclusion: Will your dog protect you?


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