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The cat is in heat and screams and howls in the middle of the night. After unloading its "balls", will it hate its owner?

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The cat is in heat and screams and howls in the middle of the night. After unloading its "balls", will it hate its owner?

Spring is here, and it's mating season. To all the watchers who have cat owners at home, do you have trouble falling asleep at this time of spring? The meowing of cats in the middle of the night really makes people unintentional to sleep, and the howling sounds like weeping can even make you "sit up from a dying sickness", yes, it means that the cat is in heat.

Hanhan's spring is here

The best solution for cats in heat is to take them for neutering. But not everyone takes cats to do it. There is a netizen's family. He has a beautiful short male cat named Hanhan. He is eight months old, but because of his busy work, he has no time to take the cat for sterilization. Good guy, in the dead of night, the sleeping shit shovel officer was woken up by Hanhan's "horrific" howl. In the confusion, I still felt wet at my feet. Now I am completely awake. I leaned in and smelled it (without licking it). A unique smell surrounded the whole nose. It seemed that it was not my own bed-wetting. I checked online to find out that the cat was in heat. That's it, the shit shovel officer took a nap while tossing and turning this night. And because it was the first time I encountered this situation, the shit shovel officer didn't have any good solutions. In the end, he compromised. On a sunny and warm Sunday afternoon, the cat ushered in freedom, and the shit shoveler agreed to let it go out" Langley a wave". Even Hanhan is not a "man who doesn't go home", he can still be seen at home during the day, but at night it is guaranteed to disappear without a trace, and he goes out to fool around. During these days, Hanhan also looked particularly haggard. After fooling around like this for more than half a month, Hanhan ended her cat's first spring. After experiencing this, the shit shovel officer finally decided to perform sterilization surgery on Hanhan. There are simply too many uncontrollable risks in running outside. When I arrived at the pet hospital, I learned that the price of neutering male cats and female cats is different, 780 for male cats and 980 for female cats. This ruined the fun of shoveling shit, and the cat finally saved himself some money. The price is also acceptable. Now that everything has been negotiated, choose the auspicious day, May 1st. On May 1st, the shit shovel officer brought the cat to the pet hospital, and he needed to be checked before the operation. The doctor asked some routine questions, observed the cat's mental state, and finally took a blood. Everything was ready, and Hanhan was pushed into the operating room. It took about 15 minutes and the sterilization operation was completed. At this point, there was another "cat without eggs" in the world. The preoperative examination and postoperative recovery time increased. Together for about an hour. Due to the doctor's suggestion, I bought another bottle of anti-inflammatory medicine for 270 yuan. After all, Hanhan has made such a huge sacrifice. This aftermath must be done beautifully. However, it turns out that the cat is still a very strong animal. After more than half an hour after returning home, Hanhan has been able to jump around normally. It seems that the anti-inflammatory drugs are completely in vain. It is said that some cats are the hindsight type, and it will take a while before they realize that they are missing two eggs, and they may still hate their owners. I can only congratulate this netizen here.

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