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Once Teddy licks the following parts, it means he is sick

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Once Teddy licks the following parts, it means he is sick

Many pet owners did not pay attention to the daily behavior of the teddy in the process of raising the teddy, thus missing the best treatment time for the teddy. Today, let's talk about Teddy licking the following parts, which means he is sick! 1. Teddy's claws are very important to it. After all, it is the hunting part, and it will be licked from time to time, but if it is licked frequently. It is likely that there is a problem with Teddy's claws, such as interphalangeal inflammation, sticking to the glass, etc. At this time, Teddy feels pain and will lick to relieve the pain. 2. Teddy rarely licks the hind legs, because this part is not easy to lick, but if you find that Teddy often licks the hind legs, it is likely to be injured. It may be scratched, or skin disease, etc. At this time, it is best for the pet owner to check Teddy, and seek medical attention in time if there is any problem. 3. Teddy likes to be touched by the owner, but he rarely licks his belly, so when your Teddy licks his belly, it may be infected with parasites, bacterial skin diseases, fungal skin diseases, or the frequency of bathing is too high Causes dry skin. Usually, you can touch Teddy's stomach more to check his health, which can also promote the relationship between you. It is best to pair it with snacks. 4. Teddy will lick his nose when he makes a mistake to relieve his stress, but more often, Teddy is likely to lick his nose because of dry and cracked nose. At this time, it is likely that Teddy has a cold, and the pet owner had better take Teddy to check. 5. If Teddy often licks his ass, then you should pay attention. This may be that Teddy is injured. At this time, you should take Teddy to see a doctor. However, it may also be anal blockage. At this time, the pet owner only needs to squeeze the anal glands of the Teddy regularly, improve the eating habits, and eat some dog food rich in cellulose, which can improve the situation. Conclusion: Does your teddy often lick these parts?


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