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The reason why the fawn dog is rarely raised is inseparable from these points

Time:2023-03-27 15:41:46 author:Botanical Garden Read:889次
The reason why the fawn dog is rarely raised is inseparable from these points

Speaking of the fawn, do you think it looks familiar? In fact, it is a hybrid of a Mini Doberman and a Chihuahua. It is small and flexible, but in daily life, I don't see many people raising it. Why? In fact, these points are inseparable! Ⅰ The small deer dog is named after it looks like a deer. It has slender limbs, firm hair, and looks very thin. It is a dog with a small appearance. The pet owners who like it will be its loyal fans, but those who don't like it will think it looks strange and not very good-looking. Ⅱ The barking deer dog can be said to have completely inherited the Chihuahua's barking gene, and it is even better than the blue. offense. Therefore, the pet owner who wants to raise it must correct its habit, which can give it a sense of security, or use toys and interactions to divert its attention and reduce its barking time. Ⅲ Exuberant energy Don't underestimate the energy of the deer dog, it is one of the contestants with "small stature contains great energy". It's very lively, likes to jump up and down, and it's like a battery with a strong battery life. Unless it's draining its own light, you can't force it to shut down. So this point will also discourage many people who want to keep a quiet puppy. It is best to take it out to spend more energy, then it will not be so active and difficult to control when it comes home. Ⅳ Easily fractured From the appearance of the fawn, it is not difficult to see that its body is relatively fragile. The bones of its limbs are all slender and easily fractured, and it is also very active and easy to bruise and fall. Therefore, the pet owner who wants to raise it should spend more time looking after it, avoid it jumping from a high place, etc., and prevent unnecessary accidents. Ⅴ The obedience of the deer dog, which is difficult to train, is not high, and it is not very willing to cooperate with the owner's instructions. It is still very stubborn, so once the pet owner can't train it well, it will excrete at home and let the pet owner get on it. Training and teaching it from an early age is the key to making it a good habit. It can also be paired with snacks during training to make it more motivated. Ⅵ Although the fawn deer dog is small in size and small in appetite, its stomach is relatively fragile, and the pet owner still needs to take care of it, especially in the diet, it is recommended to choose a dog food that is easy to digest and cares for the stomach. . Conclusion: Would you like to raise a fawn?


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