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Species Encyclopedia: Chipmunk

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Species Encyclopedia: Chipmunk

Chipmice, they are not a separate species, nor a subspecies of other rodents, but a domesticated species of the Rattus norvegicus. Because the largest number of squirrels on the market are black and white cows, it is also called the cow rat. However, the genetic selection method of this breed is quite mature, and there are many coat colors, common ones are black and white, pure black, pure white, blue-gray, iron-gray, cinnamon and so on. The history of human breeding of chipmunk can be traced back to Europe in the 18th century. Later, it gradually spread to all parts of the world, and many chipmice breeding and performance clubs were also established, and there were even chipmice-related performance competitions. Due to the long-term feeding of humans, the chipmunk does not sleep during the day and move at night like ordinary mice. They will move with the owner's schedule. However, the domestic breeding rate of this breed in China is not very high. They are very docile and generally do not bite. Can be raised in groups, unlike hamsters that can kill each other. They also love cleanliness very much. After drinking water and eating, they will clean up themselves. Chipmice are best known for their intelligence. After positive training, the chipmunk can master a lot of skills, including circling, picking up things, shaking hands, high-fives, rolling, playing dead, kicking a ball, etc. It can be said that it is the IQ among rodent pets.


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