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Can cats really see things humans can't?

Time:2023-03-27 13:57:30 author:Poultry Read:970次
Can cats really see things humans can't?

I have heard many rumors about cats and dogs since I was a child. People always say that they can see "dirty things" that humans can't see, that is, the so-called "ghosts", so they have been in awe of cats and dogs since childhood. But after growing up, this kind of reverence is less and less, and more is the cuteness of cats and dogs, so is it correct to say that cats can see things that humans can't? A pair of big eyes can "glow" at night. The reason why people think that cats can see supernatural things, I think it has something to do with the big eyes of cats. The cat's eyes are large and crystal clear, like a gem. When the light is not strong at ordinary times, its pupils are round and look gentle, but when the light becomes stronger, its pupils will shrink and show a vertical line. At this time, the cat's eyes will obviously make people feel fierce and mysterious. In addition, I don't know if you have seen the cat's eyes at night. At night, its eyes seem to be able to glow, and they flicker and flicker in some dim environments. But in fact, it is not that the cat's eyes will "glow", but that there is actually a special structure behind the cat's retina, that is, the choroid, also called the reflective film, which can reflect light. So if you don't light it, its eyes can't "glow", but it has to be said that cats have very strong night vision, so they can catch mice and other prey in the dark. Since the super-sensing ability has explained the cat's eyes, why are there rumors that cats can see "dirty things"? In fact, this is also related to the cat's senses. Human perception of the outside world is usually sight, hearing and smell. The same is true for cats, but the difference is that they are more sensitive than us. Cats' eyes are not as good as humans in the daytime, but their eyes are more peculiar in structure, and their viewing angles are very wide, so they can sense whether there is nearby more quickly. Objects move; cats also naturally smell and hear much better than humans. At this time, we will find a peculiar phenomenon, that is, the cat at home will suddenly stare blankly at a place for a long time, in fact, it is that he feels there are subtle changes there. At this time, humans follow its line of sight and can't see any objects, so people start to guess that there may be some "strange things" there. In addition, the cat has been a relatively mysterious animal since ancient times, and there are various strange legends about it, so it is easy to associate cats and supernatural beings, so there is a saying that cats can see things that humans cannot.

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