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What's with the dog smell? Not just for not taking a shower

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What's with the dog smell? Not just for not taking a shower

Many shit shoveling officers will wonder why their dogs have been bathed obediently and the house is cleaned very well, but why is the dog's body odor still so heavy? Is your body sick? Or did you choose the wrong dog shampoo? Although the owner is more accepting of the dog's body odor, most people feel that the dog's body odor makes people shy away and is disliked by others. Many people think that just taking a bath is enough. In fact, we should first understand the source of the odor before we know how to prevent and reduce dog odor.
  • Skin
  • When the dog's skin is inflamed, it is easy to stink, especially if there are fleas, ticks or parasites on the body, the dog will lick or scratch, which is very harmful It is easy to cause the wound to be infected by bacteria, and the saliva is also easy to deposit in the fur, resulting in a bad smell. Suggested treatment method: You can use a mild and low-irritant dog shampoo, wash the dog once a week, gently scrub the skin, wash away excess oil and dirt, and brush the hair daily.
  • Ears
  • A dog's ears are also easy to hide dirt. When your dog frequently flips or scratches his ears, you should pay attention to whether you forget to clean your dog's ears regularly. Suggested treatment method: Please "don't" use a cotton swab to clean the dog's ears, this will only push the dirt deeper and deeper, causing inflammation or discomfort. If you are afraid to deal with it, you can take it to a professional such as a veterinarian or beautician to deal with it.
  • mouth
  • If the odor comes from the mouth, then there may be calculus in the mouth or periodontal disease. You must not ignore bad breath, because periodontal disease can cause liver, heart, and kidney diseases. Suggested treatment method: Brushing your teeth every day is the best prevention method. It is recommended to choose a meat-flavored toothpaste to make the dog more interested in brushing his teeth, and also take it to the hospital for treatment.
  • Anal glands
  • When you notice that your dog is constantly rubbing the floor with his butt or trying to bite his butt, chances are the anal glands are swollen. Because the dog's anal glands are deep and difficult to clean, they are often overlooked. Over time, the blockage and swelling will cause a terrible stench. Suggested treatment method: Regularly clean the anal glands. It is recommended to clean the dog before bathing, and then thoroughly clean the fur. If you don’t know how to clean the anal glands, you can watch the video on the Internet or let the pet store demonstrate it to you. As long as you have the skills, it's not difficult at all~
  • Breeds
  • Some breeds of dogs, such as: French Dou, Schnauzer, Keka, Shar Pei, etc., are dog breeds with a particularly heavy body odor. It takes more care from the owner. Suggested treatment method: bathe the dog often, and choose a dog shampoo for dogs with heavy body odor, which can effectively reduce the body odor, wash the dog once every 2-3 weeks in winter, and more frequently in summer One point, remember to blow dry the hair thoroughly to prevent the dog from catching a cold. In fact, as long as you find the source of the dog's odor and prescribe the right medicine, you can make the dog clean, and it is a charming little cutie~

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