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Yichun, Heilongjiang found a "hairy dog" and hid in a resident's wardrobe, ferociously showing sharp teeth and claws

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Yichun, Heilongjiang found a "hairy dog" and hid in a resident's wardrobe, ferociously showing sharp teeth and claws

Since the Industrial Revolution, species on earth have been disappearing faster than ever before. Human urbanization has occupied a large number of wild animals' living space, forests have been cut down, habitats have been destroyed, and the habitats and populations of many wild animals have been destroyed. All are decreasing, showing a trend of "people advancing and beasts retreating" as a whole. However, the world is so big that there are no wonders. During the long process of getting along with humans, a small number of animals have gradually adapted to the life of human cities, and even settled down in cities. Due to the lack of other competitors and natural enemies in the city, coupled with the diverse and relatively stable sources of food, they have developed faster. The coyote in North America is the leader of this type of animal. In the past 100 years, through continuous entry into urban life, the habitat has been expanded by about 40%. In most cities in the United States, they can be found in the streets and alleys. . The raccoon dog in East Asia is also a typical representative. According to a survey by Fudan University, there are more than 150 raccoon dog communities in Shanghai, and it is estimated that the number of raccoon dogs in Shanghai exceeds 5,000. They appear in the streets and alleys, settle down in the community, and live by picking up kitchen waste and preying on mice. They have obviously adapted to the urban lifestyle.

The raccoon dog hides in the closet of the residents, which is scary.

Sometimes it is hidden in the closet, or it may be an "old raccoon dog". Mr. Guan, who lives in a community on the north side of Yimei District, Yichun City, Heilongjiang, was recently renovating a new house. When he opened the door of the newly installed wardrobe, he was taken aback. I saw an animal about half a meter long, brown and black, and looked a bit like a raccoon in the corner of the wardrobe. When it saw the cabinet door being opened, it seemed to be frightened. It looked very nervous, and its eyes were frightened. When it got closer to it, it showed sharp teeth and claws, showing a fierce look. For safety reasons, Mr. Guan also realized that it might be to protect animals, so he did not dare to act rashly and chose to call the police. After the police arrived, they found that there was indeed a small animal hiding in the closet. Because of the accidental entry into the human activity area, the spirit was highly nervous, so it became extremely aggressive. If it is further stimulated, it is likely to trigger a stress response, which will harm everyone, so Mr. Guan's approach is quite correct. Because the residential area is only a few kilometers away from Beishan, and the raccoon dog is an animal that is relatively adaptable to urban life, it is guessed that it may have come from the nearby mountains and was attracted by the mice or food near the residential area. It happened that Mr. Guan lived in On the first floor, it was being renovated again, so I hid inside. After that, the raccoon dog was successfully rescued and sent to the Wildlife Rescue Center for inspection and treatment. After everything was normal, it was released into the forest.

The raccoon dog is fat and has a face like a small raccoon

The raccoon dog is an ancient canid. The international mainstream view is that it is a species similar to the ancestor of the canine family. It belongs to the second-class protected animal in my country, and is generally called "hair dog" and "raccoon dog" by the people. Unlike many canines, which have tall and well-proportioned stature, the raccoon dog is relatively short and stout, and its body is fat, somewhere between a raccoon and a dog. People confuse raccoons with raccoons mainly because they have similar faces and have black hairs around their eyes that look like blindfolds. It is actually easy to distinguish the two. The raccoon has dog-like claws, while the raccoon has 5 fingers, which is convenient for grasping things. The raccoon has a ringed tail, while the raccoon has a stubby tail without ringed markings. The raccoon dog is not very big. Even adult males have an average weight of only about 6.5 kg. They are relatively short and stout, with short limbs. miscellaneous. In the canine family, the raccoon dog can be regarded as a unique existence, because many of its habits are different from most canines. For example, most canids are not good at climbing trees, but the raccoon dog has a strong climbing ability, and it is good at climbing trees. In addition, the raccoon dog is also the only animal in the canid family that needs to hibernate in winter. Like bears, they will eat a lot of "autumn fat" in autumn, and hibernate in burrows when winter comes.

The raccoon dog has a strong ability to survive and can live in the city.

Compared to the gray wolf and other wild beasts, the raccoon dog has a relatively gentle temperament and is aggressive towards people. It is not strong either, which is the main reason why they can be accepted by the city. In fact, it is not difficult to imagine that if wolves and leopards enter the city, they will inevitably cause panic, but the raccoon dog is different. They are petite and cute, and most of them may be mistaken for a lost stray dog ​​when they appear in the streets. , and can even be fed by people with its cute appearance. In addition to the dominant appearance, the raccoon dog's ability to live in the city has a lot to do with their excellent survivability, especially omnivorous, which is very important and can almost live well in the city. Animals, such as coyotes, raccoons, etc. , are omnivores. The raccoon dog is small in size, and its mobility is not as good as that of predators such as jackals and foxes. Among the predators in the wild, the raccoon dog has no advantages. In order to survive, in the long evolutionary process of species, raccoon dogs gradually evolved the ability to digest starch, which suddenly made them take the lead, and among all wild animals, the first to enter the city life. New scientific research has found that early humans domesticated dogs because some wolves often haunted nearby villages, picking up leftovers, and gradually evolved the ability to digest starch. At the same time, they became relatively tame, so they were accepted and domesticated by humans. In the human living area, the most important thing is the kitchen waste of various starchy foods, which can provide a stable food source for the raccoon dogs. They have figured out the laws of life in the city, know where to build nests and give birth, and where to rummage through trash cans. They even learn to be like stray dogs and go to human feeding points to be fed. In the city, in addition to picking up kitchen waste, they also prey on mice, earthworms, insects, and even go into the water to catch fish. For example, in the Songjiang Community of Shanghai, people saw raccoons catching crucian carp in the pond more than once, and they seemed to be new residents of the city. Theoretically, the raccoon dog is a relatively docile animal, and it does not take the initiative to attack people, but after all, they are a kind of wild animal that eats meat. will become more dangerous. So if we find them around, don't get close, don't feed them, just get away quickly. If it appears at home, don't deal with it privately, but like Mr. Guan, hand it over to a professional person to deal with it. Follow me and make a friend who understands animals.


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