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An "exotic animal" was discovered in Kunming, Yunnan, with a snow-white body and a dog-like appearance.

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An "exotic animal" was discovered in Kunming, Yunnan, with a snow-white body and a dog-like appearance.

A tourist found a snow-white animal near Maomaoqing, Xishan Scenic Area, Kunming City, Yunnan Province. From the appearance, the animal's whole body hair is snow-white, and the exposed skin such as the inside of the nose and ears is pink. It looks like a puppy, but the tail hair is unusually fluffy, and there is a hint of admiration in the sly eyes. There are various indications that this magical animal is exactly the same as the legendary white fox. After identification, this is a white fox. There is no wild white fox in Xishan Scenic Area, so it is very likely that it was released here artificially. This white fox is more afraid of people, and is very agile, so it is not easy to catch. In recent years, white foxes have been found in many places in my country. For example, the residents of Fuyang, Anhui Province found a white fox wandering nearby for more than 10 days. In June, a woman in Dalian also saw a white fox on the side of the road. There was only a white fox, and she thought it was a dog at that time; there were also residents in the streets of Yongzhou, Hunan, a subway station in Shanghai, and Dongfang Mountain in Huangshi, Hubei Province. The frequent appearance of white foxes gives people the impression that there are a lot of them. However, this is not the case. The white foxes that people find outside are basically artificially raised and escaped or released, because my country does not produce white foxes.

There are only three kinds of foxes in my country, excluding white foxes

Foxes are canids, and there are 23 species of foxes in the world. Only three of them exist in my country, they are: sand fox, Tibetan fox, and red fox. Sand foxes in my country are mainly distributed in Xinjiang, Qinghai, Tibet, Gansu, Ningxia and other western provinces, and mostly inhabit places with harsh environments such as arid grasslands, deserts and semi-deserts. Sand foxes living in such environments have The coat is mostly light sandy brown. Tibetan foxes are widely distributed in Tibet, and also exist in Sichuan, Qinghai, Gansu, Yunnan and other provinces. This is a rather peculiar looking fox, with a square face and a bit of honesty in its cunning. The red fox is the most abundant and widely distributed fox in my country. It can be found in most provinces of the country. There are many varieties of it, such as black fox, silver fox, cross fox and so on. The arctic fox mainly lives in the Arctic, and lives adjacent to the polar bear. It is produced in Russia, Canada and other countries, and has no habitat in my country. This is a very high-value fox, with snow-white hair all over the body, a long tail, and particularly fluffy tail hair, which is known as a "snow elf". Compared with red foxes and other foxes, white foxes are smaller in size, which is beneficial for them to save energy loss in severe cold areas. At the same time, the white hair is also a good protective color in ice and snow. The ecological environment and climatic environment in the wild in my country are not suitable for the growth of white foxes, so naturally there are no white foxes.

It is very popular because of its good looks and is kept as a strange pet.

Since my country does not produce white foxes, where do white foxes come from? The reason is simple, it was brought here by people. As living conditions get better and better, some people are no longer satisfied with raising conventional pets such as cats and dogs, and instead focus on those niche and novel animals to satisfy their curiosity. As the saying goes, if there is demand, there will be a market. Some businesses continue to introduce various animals to the pet market, such as corn snakes, geckos, flying squirrels, etc. Among them, white foxes have received a lot of attention because of their high appearance and excellent hair feel. The welcome is very high in the strange pet circle. As the saying goes, it starts with appearance, but there is no follow-up breeding plan. Many people bought white foxes for breeding at first, and they were interested in its appearance and as a capital to show off, just like some people in the early days followed the trend and bought Tibetan mastiffs. With the passage of time, people continue to have problems in the process of raising white foxes, and they find that they are not as tame as cats and dogs, but also have a taste, plus various expenses such as daily expensive food expenses, more importantly, they have long been No enthusiasm at first. So many people chose to abandon and release the white fox into the wild. Of course, there are also some merchants who have taken a fancy to the business opportunity of "release groups" and sell animals such as white foxes to these "loving people" and release them into the wild.

It is not advisable to release them privately. It is not a good thing to see white foxes in the wild.

In recent times, the discussion of alligator gars on the Internet has been high, and it has also let people know The damage caused by alien species to the original ecosystem. Species invasion is a common topic, and its harm is self-evident. The most straightforward example, such as the hares in Australia, has brought great ecological disasters to the local area. It took people nearly a century to control the number of hares. down. my country does not produce white fox, it is an alien species, and its appearance in the wild is not a good thing. These artificially farmed white foxes have no ability to survive in the wild and can only rely on artificial feeding. If they are not fed, they can only pick up garbage, or steal poultry, or even slowly starve to death. The cultivated white fox may not pose a threat to native species in direct competition for survival resources, but it has potential harm. For example, foxes from high-density farms may suffer from some animal epidemics. Once spread to local wild animals, the disease will spread among local animal populations, thus endangering the local ecology. In addition, foxes raised in artificial environments may retain genes that are "unfavorable in the wild", and once they mate with wild foxes, such genes may be transmitted to the wild population. Improper introduction of new genes will not only not increase the diversity of genes, but will lead to population degradation and even cause ecological disasters. I would like to advise everyone here that the consequences of releasing crocodile gar privately are still vivid in our minds, so when we plan to buy some unconventional pets, it is best to think clearly whether we have the ability to keep raising them all the time, or just follow the trend for a while. hot? In addition, it is good to have love, but you must avoid doing bad things with good intentions. Improper release will not only not accumulate virtue for yourself, but harm others and yourself. While causing trouble to the local ecology and people's livelihood, it is also possible to send oneself in and release the animals without permission and cause greater harm, and they will be held criminally responsible. Follow me and make a friend who understands animals.

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