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A fish sells for 38,000! Only two people can lift a 280-pound giant fish in Guangdong. What is the origin of this fish?

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A fish sells for 38,000! Only two people can lift a 280-pound giant fish in Guangdong. What is the origin of this fish?

Guangdong caught a 280-pound giant fish

On August 31, in a market in Maoming, Guangdong, two men swaggered through the market, and people on the street cast their votes at them. Go to the envious gaze, because they are carrying a giant sea fish as tall as one person. The fish was passed through its mouth by a thick wooden stick, and its tail was dragged to the ground. It was weighed and found that the fish weighed 280 pounds, equivalent to the weight of two adults. After some fierce bidding, the fish was weighed. , This fish was bought by a boss at a high price of 38,000 yuan, which is equivalent to a sky-high price of 135 yuan per pound. The 280-pound giant fish caught in Guangdong is actually a common grouper in the market. However, there are many types of grouper. Many people like to call the giant grouper "dragon croaker". It is the Goliath grouper, which is distributed in tropical and subtropical waters around the world. Goliath is a giant in Western legends, possessing infinite power, and the "monger" in the name of the dragon is recorded in the "Yifeng Wenji" of the Qing Dynasty: "Every thousand, six hundred and eight catties is a barn. "One pound in the Qing Dynasty is equivalent to 596 grams today, which means that one pound is about equal to one ton of weight. Of course, the grouper in reality can't be that big, but it is enough to see the recognition of the grouper's body size in China and the West. How big is the largest grouper in real life? In 2013, a group of fishermen in China's Nansha Islands caught a giant grouper, which reached an astonishing 2.65 meters in length and weighed 683 kilograms. It was finally purchased by a restaurant featuring grouper, and was later found during processing. , The tongue of this "Grouper King" is 30 centimeters long, and the fish maw weighs 15 pounds. The largest grouper caught is the largest grouper caught, but there are even giant groupers in the ocean that can eat sharks and swallow a person, and are expected to be four to five meters in size .

Eat sharks and even swallow a human

Groupers have underdeveloped jaws, so they eat by swallowing. They catch their prey in a raiding manner. After approaching the prey, the grouper will suddenly open its large mouth, generate negative pressure through the sudden expansion of the volume, suck the prey into the mouth, and then grind the prey by the pharyngeal bone in the throat Shredded and swallowed. In 2013, a group of tourists witnessed the sight of a grouper swallowing a shark at the Wuhan East Lake Ocean World. It was a blacktip shark that was more than one meter long. At the moment when it approached a grouper about two meters, it was suddenly swallowed by the grouper, leaving only one tail swaying by the mouth of the grouper, and finally It took two divers five minutes to drag the blacktip shark out of the grouper's mouth. In 2015, near the coast of the United States, a man and his partner were fishing in the sea, and they caught a shark. They were not happy for two minutes. When they were pulling the shark out of the water, a grouper suddenly appeared from under the sea. The fish swallowed the shark whole in one bite, then turned and left in a dashing manner, and also snapped the man's fishing rod, leaving the man stunned. The caught shark was snatched by the grouper. It seems that as long as the body is suitable, even a ferocious shark cannot escape the fate of becoming a grouper meal. Giant groupers can swallow sharks, so can they eat people? The size of an adult is generally between 1.7 and 1.9 meters. Of course, a grouper that is more than two meters cannot swallow it. But this is just a normal grouper, and there are some giants among groupers. In 1970, an American diving magazine published a diving accident - a diver was swallowed by a giant grouper. The process is no different from the grouper swallowing other fish. They all accidentally reached the mouth of the grouper. Before they could react, they felt a strong suction, and then they were swallowed by the grouper. The grouper also wanted to use the pharynx to crush the diver, but he didn't expect the diver to carry an oxygen tank on his back. The oxygen tank was sunk in and an explosion caused the grouper to spit out the diver. Later, based on the analysis of the diver's physical data and injuries, scientists believed that the grouper may have reached a length of 4 to 5 meters, equivalent to the length of a truck. Up to now, there are also video records of grouper trying to swallow the diver, but although the grouper is also very large, its size is far less exaggerated than four or five meters. He quickly vomited out again. The diver was not injured. Many netizens ridiculed: "You can't eat me now, and when I go up, it will be my turn to eat you!" However, in the United States, after catching grouper, many people will only take a video and then put it release. Don't Americans like to eat fish? Of course not. Although Americans do not like freshwater fish with spiny spines, deep-sea fish such as tuna, tilapia, and salmon are regulars on their table. And the grouper, which is also a deep-sea fish, is rich in nutrients, delicate in meat and delicious in taste. How can it not be popular? In fact, groupers have experienced a period of frenzied fishing.

Insane fishing leads to endangered

groupers mainly live in deep-sea coral reefs, and they like to live alone, even humans have no good way to fish them up. So before 1970, people could only catch grouper by fishing. Of course, this amount cannot satisfy human appetite. So soon humans started to think about it. They found that although groupers hide in coral reefs on the bottom of the sea most of the time, when they breed the next generation, they will be dispatched collectively and go to a spawning ground. Grouper is a hermaphroditic fish. Most groupers are female when they first mature sexually, and will not become male until one to several years after participating in breeding. One grouper can produce more than 5,700 eggs at a time. There are thousands of eggs, so many small fish will risk their lives to surround them and eat the eggs. In order to protect the eggs, the grouper evolved the habit of spawning in groups. As a result, the small fish were prevented, but the humans who followed were happy. How many fish can be caught in this net? Regardless, these groupers are here to breed. The grouper quickly became an endangered species due to human extinction. Only then did people wake up and list the grouper as a protected animal. Now the grouper population has recovered a lot, and the protection level has dropped to the vulnerable level.

Wild grouper contains toxins

There is another reason Americans do not eat grouper, and that is for biological control, or that sentence, Americans dare It's really big. I dare to bring anything messy to my home. About 20 years ago, there was a fish called lionfish in Asia. Because of its beautiful appearance, it was brought back by Americans as ornamental fish. And aquarium owners sometimes throw unwanted lionfish into the Atlantic Ocean, and the result is a biological invasion. Although lionfish is also an edible fish, the spines of their dorsal fins contain venom and must be cooked at high temperature before they can be eaten. When the Americans see it, that's fine, let's go eat other fish. Just when they had a headache, they accidentally discovered that the grouper would try to prey on these lionfish. It turned out that the grouper has a high tolerance to marine toxins and often eats some poisonous creatures, and even they themselves eat too much. It produces a toxin in the brain and internal organs, which is why the wild grouper is said to be poisonous. The toxins of lionfish are no big deal to groupers, and naturally they also become prey for groupers. Finding that grouper is so resistant to poison, Americans immediately regarded it as the first choice for biological control of lionfish, and even sent people to dive to teach these groupers to eat lionfish. Naturally, people will not be allowed to fish for grouper again. . Of course, there is also the technology of artificially cultivating groupers. Although the size of the grouper is definitely not as big as that of the wild grouper, the artificially farmed grouper will not eat any toxic substances, and the safety is greatly improved. In addition, people have also used hybridization technology to hybridize a new grouper: pearl spot, which is very suitable for large-scale farming. Most of the groupers on the market are this species. It not only makes people feast for the eyes, but also protects the wild grouper, which is very good.


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