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African buffalo vs buffalo, when the hyena killer meets the tiger nemesis, who will have the last laugh?

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African buffalo vs buffalo, when the hyena killer meets the tiger nemesis, who will have the last laugh?

African buffalo vs white-limbed bison, one is the grumpy spotted hyena killer, the other is the powerful Bengal tiger nemesis, if these two beasts have a one-on-one frontal anal, who is the strongest cow boss on the surface? In this issue, the Director of the Exploration Bureau will decrypt it for you.

1. African buffalo

The buffalo we are talking about here refers to wild buffalo, also known as African bison, widely distributed in the Sahara Much of southern Africa. This species is super fertile, as long as there is grass and water, they can instantly give you a large number of offspring. So even though many carnivores are on the brink of extinction, this creature is still alive and well. They can survive in a wide range of habitats, including open plains, savannahs rich in drinking water, lowland rainforests, and even plateaus over 4,000 meters above sea level. The largest of the species is the Cape Buffalo, and males can typically easily exceed 1,000 kilograms, with a body length of 2.4 meters and a standing shoulder height of 1.8 meters. They have broad chests, thick limbs, long heads and horns, and are very powerful. Despite their heavy weight, these creatures run very fast, easily exceeding 48km/h while charging. The most well-known weapon of these cattle is the double horns on their heads. Their long horns first grow down from the skull, and the tips of the horns rush upward; even more impressively, the span of the double horns reaches 1.2 meters, which can be used against The body of any large animal forms a good attacking position. In some males, the horns are connected by a large shield covering the head, which can withstand the opponent's impact and cause head damage during fights; at the same time, their large shield is similar to the lion's mane, which means that the male's large The larger the shield, the more deterrent and handsome, and the more favored by females. Don't look at the African buffalo is not the largest animal in Africa, but their temper is the most grumpy. When cornered or threatened, African buffalo can become very agile and very aggressive. They are one of the few animals of this type that do not respond to threats with false movements or warning behaviors. If an African buffalo attacks you, it must be trying to hurt you! According to statistics, these huge beasts cause about 200 casualties each year due to trampling or walking. For this reason, they have earned the title of "Black Death in Africa". They are also cunning, and older males are usually the most aggressive, retreating into thorny bushes when encountering their most common predator, the lion; this strategy protects their fragile hindquarters , and they can also use their powerful double horns to protect their forequarters. Overall, this is not a buffalo to be taken lightly.

2. Bison

The Bison, named for its distinctive foot color, is native to South and Southeast Asia and is a member of the family Bovid family One of the largest species in the family. The bison inhabits dense or open tropical forests at mid-to-low latitudes, and is more common in dense forests than other Asian bison. Interestingly, this cow can sleep standing up. The white-limbed bison used to appear in Yunnan, my country, but they are now extinct because of being hunted. The white-limbed bison is the largest wild cattle species in the world, with adult males weighing 650-1500 kg, standing at shoulder heights of 1.65-2 meters, and body length of 2.5-3.3 meters. They are extremely aggressive and will not hesitate to charge if confronted by a provocative opponent. In the attack, the white-limbed bison will charge with full force at a speed of 56km/h with their heads lowered, and use their 1.2-meter-long double horns to assassinate, which is basically enough to break a tiger's stomach. As a result, the bison is the only herbivore in India that terrifies the Bengal tiger. Their horns are flat at the base, grow rounded as they develop, and curve toward the back at the ends; when they bow their heads, these curving horns will turn forward, except for the sharp-edged horns , coupled with the impact of the huge weight, even the elephants will feel numb when they encounter them. Bison are herd animals, mostly living in herds, usually led by a dominant male, with each herd numbering about 10; however, at certain times of the year, the herd can grow to more than 40. Males usually attack when they sense that their herd or their territory is threatened. They have been observed using a tactic that puts their opponent in a flanking position so that they can attack vulnerable areas of the opponent, and these attacks often result in serious casualties. When provoked, buffaloes will even attack and kill humans, perhaps we should call them "White Sox Devils".

3. The Ultimate Battle

After the above analysis, it is time to fight! African buffalo vs white-limbed bison, who is stronger? While both of these giant bulls are aggressive, the buffalo has a reputation for attacking for no reason. In addition, it has a greater size advantage. The African buffalo does have a large shield plated with armor on its head, however, the horns of the buffalo are so sharp that it is possible to pierce the armor with a single horn. However, the buffalo's hide is not as thick as the African buffalo, nor can it fight in the water like the African buffalo. So, if the two meet, what exactly will happen? Just yesterday, a Miao friend of mine told me a real incident. In a county town in southeastern Guizhou, a "Cow King Competition" is about to be staged. This time, the 100,000 prize is a no-species indiscriminate battle. An African buffalo from South Africa and a white-limbed bison from India went through layers of challenges and finally entered the final. As soon as the gates of the bullring are opened, these two giant beasts will rule here! The African buffalo is very good at "slamming", and it rushed towards the white-limbed bison from a long distance. Fortunately, the battle-hardened bison avoided the collision in time. When the direct collision was unsuccessful, the two sides each took a fighting stance. They snorted and gripped the ground with their front paws. Obviously, it is impossible for each other to be intimidated by the other's momentum, so this battle will have to end in a real physical fight. They bowed their heads, coiled their rational bodies, and released themselves; the sound of the four horns colliding, as well as the skin on the heads of the two cows, and the blood spilled on the scene, all the audiences were hooked. The buffalo is heavier, and with its muscular body, it stands firm on the ground, making it difficult for the African buffalo to push its massive body. But it is also difficult for the buffalo to use force to push each other, because the horns of the African buffalo are too large, and the large shield on the head is also very hard. Just after the two sides stalemate with each other for a while, the grumpy African buffalo attacked again. It seemed that he already knew the weakness of the other side, so he continued to beat left and right, and the four corners hit hard. Because the head of the African buffalo is larger and thicker, and the horns are longer and wider, this move makes the buffalo gradually feel uncomfortable. Its head and horns are hit hard, and it gradually feels pain and numbness. Seeing this, the African buffalo knew that it had achieved results, so it accelerated its speed and strength to strangle it. After a few moments, the white-limbed buffalo couldn't bear such an offensive, turned its head and ran away! Although the African buffalo was red-eyed and chased after it, it would die endlessly, but fortunately, the bullring staff caught it in time and avoided the death of the white-limbed bison. After listening to his friend's narration, the director finally came to the conclusion that the African bison would have a 52% chance of defeating the bison. Do you agree with the Secretary's analysis and conclusions? Welcome to express your opinion in the comment area.


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