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During the weight loss period of Samoyed, he ran into the fire brigade to show off 10 hams. Blue friend: The dog quickly took it away

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During the weight loss period of Samoyed, he ran into the fire brigade to show off 10 hams. Blue friend: The dog quickly took it away

The phrase "if you have difficulty, find firefighters" has spread in the animal kingdom. There will be so few pets every three or five years. After running away from home, they will go straight to the fire brigade to eat and drink, as if they all know from their subconscious that the fire brigade is a paradise other than home. The Samoyed in the following story is even more outrageous. After a day in the fire brigade, he doesn't even want his home. Hahaha, the charm of "Blue Friend" is really great. A Samoyed came to the door of the fire brigade? When the "blue friends" of the fire brigade went out that day, they found a Samoyed at the door. It looks white and fat, and its body is clean. It looks like it has just been lost. This must help! Firefighters brought the Samoyed in in the spirit of "helping the dog." Afraid that it was hungry, I quickly took out the ham sausage, which was a good treat. But after feeding 10 ham sausages, even the firefighters were dumbfounded, this stuff is too edible. Logically speaking, a pet dog like it usually does not worry about eating and drinking, and it is too exaggerated to show off 10 in one breath. In order to prevent it from "poor" for the fire brigade, the firefighters quickly contacted its owner through the nameplate on the dog, and asked the shovel officer to claim Satsuma away. Not long after seeing the master turn his head and leave, a young lady hurried over. But then came an embarrassing scene. According to the normal script, the reunion of the dog and the owner should be quite a warm scene, and the dog should be excited to get into the owner's arms, but this time it is completely the opposite. After seeing the owner who came to pick him up, the dog was not happy at all. It even turned around and left, pretending not to know the shit shovel officer. Nani? Is it the wrong master. After confirming the information again, it was proved that the dog was indeed the dog raised by the young lady, but when it came to the reason why it didn't want to go home, everyone present laughed. The Samoyed who ran away from home because of weight loss was named "Mousse" and weighed 75 pounds. When taking it to a pet shop for a bath, the pet doctor poked at the sore spot and said that the dog was too fat and needed to lose weight, and the woman started to lose weight for it. Later, its food was reduced to one meal a day. Maybe the dog had been suppressed for too long and was extremely hungry, so he opened the door and ran away from home. Damn, it turned out that I left the house by myself, no wonder I don't want to go back now, probably because I like the food of the fire brigade! Hahahaha, I want the veterinarian Xiao Ming to say that the pets now are really incredible, just give them some weight and then run away from home. If they don't meet the "blue friends", what will happen to them for the rest of their lives. Message: Obesity in pets can lead to various diseases, and shoveling officials should pay attention to it. Some pet owners feed their pets uncontrollably in order to gain weight, which has caused so many pets to exceed their healthy weight. For the health of pets, the shoveling officer should usually mix meat and vegetables so that their nutrition is balanced. When you find that your pet is obese, take action and take your pet to lose weight. While controlling their diet, increase their physical activity to keep your pet's weight in a healthy state. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.

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