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The cat was in heat and was injured by the owner, with tears in his eyes, don't hurt if you don't love it

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The cat was in heat and was injured by the owner, with tears in his eyes, don't hurt if you don't love it

The estrus period of pets is probably the most painful stage in the process of raising pets for every shit shoveling officer. Faced with pet urination, howling and other phenomena, many shit shoveling officers are overwhelmed, so most shit shoveling officers will eventually choose to take them for sterilization, once and for all. The owner in the following story did not choose to sterilize the cat, but used violence. The cat was injured and had tears in his eyes. The incident happened a few days ago in Heilongjiang Province. The man rescues all kinds of stray animals all year round, and pulls those furry children who are in the dark to the light with his meager strength. After coming into contact with more and more stray animals, he felt powerless, because in many cases, the source of stray animals was their owners. One day, a friend brought him a pretty good looking silver gradient, but the fur boy looked very pitiful, with blood on his face and tears in his eyes. At first, the man thought that this was simply a stray cat, which was reduced to this point because it was separated from its owner, but after listening to his friend's words, he felt extremely angry: What, it was beaten like this by the owner? The cat was in heat and was abandoned after being beaten by the owner. Just a few days ago, it was still a happy kitten with a family. But everything that was originally good was changed because of an estrus. According to a friend, the owner of the cat attacked the cat because he couldn't stand it. He punched and kicked it directly, and then simply threw it away. Because a friend knew that the man often rescued animals, he sent it to him. Looking at the cat in front of him, the man didn't know how to describe his mood. I wanted to reach out and touch this little cutie, but it subconsciously avoided it, for fear of being beaten again. Maybe after experiencing violence, it would never dare to get close to people again. Why hit it? The man couldn't figure it out. Judging by the cat's appearance, he should have been well cared for before, so how could he bear to attack it. Is it just because it is cute that it is good, so when there is something in it that it cannot bear, do you just ignore it? Looking at the eyes of the cat, it is so sad now, maybe the pain of the body is secondary, and the hurt of the heart is the most sad, the one who beat it was the shit shovel officer who took care of it in the past. Many netizens were extremely angry after seeing this cat. They didn't want to experience the cat's estrus and could choose to sterilize it. Why should it be so cruel to it, what did it do wrong? The veterinarian Xiao Ming couldn't understand what the shit shoveling officer did. He could choose to be sterilized, but he chose the cruelest way. When he did something to the cat, what was the relationship between the day and night in the past? Message: There will be more or less troubles on pets, which requires the shoveling officer to be patient and tolerant towards them. If this is not possible, it is recommended not to keep pets. They can't be like people, who make mistakes and correct them immediately, but need to be educated by shit shovel officers to make them correct slowly. Before we raise pets, we should consider the problems of pets, instead of buying one on a whim. Pets are not objects. If you want to buy them, you can buy them and throw them away. They are also life and deserve to be treated with tenderness. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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