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The stray Garfield became thin into a "piece of paper" and weighed no more than 3 pounds: who was once a baby

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The stray Garfield became thin into a "piece of paper" and weighed no more than 3 pounds: who was once a baby

For those pet cats, once abandoned, the ending is very sad. Because they have been raised by humans for a long time, they have almost no ability and experience to survive in the wild, even stray cats outside are inferior, and they can only starve to death in the end. Garfield, like in the following story, is the most real example. Garfield is thin as a "piece of paper". The stray brother in the community is a member of a stray animal rescue team in Dalian. One day he received a call for help, saying that there was a stray Garfield in the community, and it was about to die. , I hope the little brother can come and save it. After hanging up the phone, the little brother and his partner immediately drove there. Maybe even God took pity on it. There were few traffic lights along the way, so they quickly arrived in the community where the cat was. After searching around the community, I also found the Garfield. I saw that all the hair on its body had fallen off, leaving only the bare skin. The whole cat was thin into a "paper". It is very distressing. The stray cats are very friendly to everyone. A professional rescue team came over. Many neighbors also gathered around. They said that the cat had been wandering in the community for more than ten days, and it was probably abandoned by some owner. Many people have seen it, and it has a very good personality. Anyone who calls it will come over. In these days of wandering, it survived by turning over trash cans and feeding by some kind people. "Mimi~" The little brother tried to call out, and sure enough, it came over immediately. The strong desire to survive made it irresistible to be afraid of life, and only extravagantly begged the person in front of him to give him something to eat. Seeing that the little brother had food in his hand, it kept rubbing against the little brother's legs with its body. After the little brother tore the food, he squatted down and fed it to the cat. It ate it in a big mouth, and it was so satisfying. In the days of wandering, I had never eaten such a delicious meal. While the cat was eating, the little brother looked at it carefully. It is found that the cat has prolapse of the anus, and the lack of hair on the body is most likely caused by skin diseases. Alas, another poor cat. Garfield was less than 3 pounds. After that, the little brother and his friends treated the cat simply, and then sent it to the cooperative pet hospital. After weighing it, everyone didn't even dare to look directly at the number on the scale. My God, it's not 3 pounds yet, an adult cat can't even reach the weight of a kitten, what happened? At present, Garfield has been arranged for treatment in the hospital. The little brother named it "Splendid". I hope that his life will be smooth and smooth in the future, and he will never suffer again. To be honest, veterinarian Xiao Ming, as a cat owner, really can't see such a scene. A good cat is so thin now that it is hard to imagine how much suffering it has suffered during the wandering days. If its owner sees the cat's current situation, will it regret abandoning it? Message: Most breeds of cats have no ability to survive. Once they are left in the wild, they will not survive for long. Especially some cats like Fold-ear, Garfield, and Muppet have constant problems when they are taken care of. Not to mention living in the wild. Therefore, since we choose to keep cats, we should take responsibility and not discard cats at will. Think about it, the former cat-loving cat, living abroad, and living without a meal, is there really no sense of guilt? Nowadays, veterinarian Xiao Ming always brings some food with him whenever he goes out. He is afraid of encountering stray animals. If he can help a little, the society will be warmer. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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