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The 4 dogs in the family all like to bite on slippers, and the owner bought 20 pairs in a rage: play slowly for you

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The 4 dogs in the family all like to bite on slippers, and the owner bought 20 pairs in a rage: play slowly for you

Anyone who has raised pets knows that they always like to use some strange things as toys: some cats do not like to sleep in cat dens, but love cardboard boxes; some dogs do not like to play with dolls, but are obsessed with a piece of Plastic water pipes... This is the case with the dogs raised by the young lady below. They don't usually like to play with toys, but they have a soft spot for her yellow slippers, and they won't let go. There are 4 dogs in Miss Sister's family, 3 big ones and 1 small one. The small one is only the child of one of the big dogs. They are all Alaskans. The dogs are well-behaved and obedient on weekdays, and they have not done any major demolition projects. For example, when walking the dog, they tacitly chose the position of King Qin around the column, and imprisoned the little sister in place... Or when the little sister was eating Liangpi, they competed for a piece of gluten that fell on the ground and successfully overturned the stall. The table... Whenever the dogs make a mistake, the lady will pick up her yellow slippers and teach them a lesson. But after seeing their coquettish coquettish expressions, the slippers in their hands could not be beaten, so they could only give up. As the number of times increases, the dogs become more frantic. They are not afraid to see slippers, a "tool for crime". They even play with them as toys. . On this day, the little sister finally couldn't bear it anymore, so she went to the store and bought 20 pairs of identical yellow slippers in one go. The owner of the store was completely confused. She couldn't help but ask the little sister: I bought so many for the bathroom. ? When the young lady heard it, she hurriedly explained that she bought it home for the dog to play with. The shop owner couldn't help but laugh and said, "How long will it take for so many shoes to break?" The young lady replied proudly: It is estimated that it will be three or five days, and then I will come back! In this way, the dogs suddenly lived a happy life of realizing the freedom of slippers. Looking at the slippers all over the floor, they were so excited that they didn't know which one to talk to. And the little sister was finally able to feel comfortable for a while, and she could wear good slippers when she stretched out her feet. I have to say that Miss Sister is still very farsighted. If you buy all slippers of the same color, you can always make up a better pair of shoes, so that you can wear them for a few more days. In fact, the dog likes to bite the owner's slippers because there is a lot of the owner's smell on the shoes. Playing with the owner's slippers actually means that the dog likes the owner very much. Therefore, Xiao Ming, a veterinarian, felt that although the lady bought so many slippers, it is very likely that the dogs would only grab the pair she wore in the end. Keeping a pet is really a painful and happy thing, but there is no way, the furry child you raise can only be responsible to the end! The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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