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"China's Five Famous Dogs" - one competition and one outstanding, do you know all of them?

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"China's Five Famous Dogs" - one competition and one outstanding, do you know all of them?

Although most of the pets are foreign breeds now, they are ridiculed by netizens as "British guys" and "American guys" everywhere. But in fact, there are many excellent dog breeds in China, and they are one of the best. Let's briefly talk about the "Five Famous Dogs in China". Do you know all of them?

Xiasi Dog

Origin: Guizhou Xiasi Dog is named after it was born in Xiasi Town. The hunting ability is outstanding, it is the third best hunting dog in the world, and it is very human, knows how to cooperate with the owner, and helps the owner to hunt easily. It is docile and loyal to the owner, obedient, and its appearance will also have a unique ornamental value, so it can not only guard the house, but also serve as a watch dog.

Kunming Dog

Origin: Kunming Kunming Dog is a dog breed independently bred by the Chinese police dog base. It has strong adaptability to the environment, especially It is good at tracking and identification, and can achieve major military, social and economic benefits for the country. It is very intelligent, alert, alert, and extremely vigilant. It is difficult for strangers to approach, but it is very obedient and loyal to its master.

Shih Tzu

Origin: The Tibetan Shih Tzu has a long history and is said to be descended from Pekingese and Lhasa Aps. Hybrid varieties. Its appearance is docile and lovely, and its coat is long and soft, which can satisfy the owner's desire to dress up. And this little guy is very small, rarely sheds his hair, doesn't pester his owner, and will entertain himself to pass the time. He is also a very warm, loving and friendly dog.


Origin: Tibetan pug should be familiar to many people, it is considerate, cute, simple and honest Honest expression, very easy to laugh at the owner, friendly and gentle, and high tolerance for children. It likes to be quiet, especially sleeps a lot. Although it does not need too much exercise, the pet owner still needs to take it out for a walk occasionally, which is more conducive to health. If he doesn't want to, you can lure him for a walk with treats.

Chow Chow

Origin: The Tibetan Chow Chow is a well-known dog breed in China. Very stylish pet and guard dog. The appearance is cute, the hair is very thick, and the whole body is furry, like a little lion. It is also a quiet dog, it will not be noisy or demolish the house, and it is also very loyal, and it will follow to the end if it recognizes a master, and it is very affectionate. Chow Chow is also very adaptable and not picky eaters. It eats whatever the owner feeds, but for its health, the owner should also feed it dog food with high nutritional value, so that it can grow healthily. Conclusion: Which of the above do you like best?


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