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Your dog sleeps like this, it means he doesn't care about you

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Your dog sleeps like this, it means he doesn't care about you

I don't know if you have observed dogs sleeping, it's very strange and very interesting. But if the dog usually sleeps like the following, it means that it has not put you at ease.

Curl up in a small ball

If the dog never dares to let go and sleep boldly, always curl up in a small ball to sleep , indicating that it is very cautious and wants to protect itself. In fact, it thinks that it is unfamiliar with the surrounding environment, that it is unsafe, and that it does not trust the owner's performance.

Hide and sleep secretly

Some dogs sleep you can't find them at all, they always secretly carry people, find a comparison Sleep in a secluded place so it will feel more comfortable and safer. So if you often can't see your dog sleeping, it means that it doesn't have you in its heart and is unwilling to show it all to you.

Sleeping with their back against the wall

Some dogs also like to sleep with their back against the wall, which is also for a sense of security Performance, back against the real thing, it will not expose the back, it will increase its sense of security when sleeping. This also shows that the dog does not regard the owner as a backer, and has not put you at ease.

Wake up when there is a sound

Although dogs are more alert, if your dog is often awakened , some slight sounds, it will bounce, indicating that its sleep is very light, and it does not dare to fall asleep at all. The main reason why dogs sleep so much is that they still can't trust their owners, so they are always in a state of vigilance. Dogs sleeping like this are actually a sign that they haven't trusted their owners and haven't taken their owners to heart. So how do you get your dog to like and trust you more? ①Companionship is the best confession. Dogs are small animals of their relatives, and they will easily fall in love with people who have been with them all the time. If you want your dog to like you more, you can spend more time interacting with the dog and playing games, so that you can slowly lock the dog's heart. Especially in the interaction, you can also give it some delicious snacks to satisfy its greedy mouth, and it will definitely be the best in the world sooner. ②Pinch the dog's stomach. Dogs have no resistance to what they eat. Dry food is the "top priority" in their dog's life, so hold the dog's stomach. It doesn't think you are the most worthy of trust. person? So choose a delicious and healthy dog ​​food for your dog, which can make your dog love you more and stay with you longer. Conclusion: What sleeping position does your dog usually sleep in? Feel free to post photos in the comment area.

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