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In order not to capsize, fishing boats will release sunfish when they go out to sea. Is this true?

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In order not to capsize, fishing boats will release sunfish when they go out to sea. Is this true?

A gentle fish lives in tropical and subtropical waters that secrete a strange substance that it uses to heal wounded fish around it. France calls this fish the moonfish because it shimmers with fine silver light around its body, like the cold moonlight at night. Is there a little fairy with a fairy-like air in your mind? Don't think about it, this fish is three meters long and weighs two tons! The Spanish people are not so polite, and they named it Mola Mola, which means that this fish lies on the water like a big stone mill. The Germans went even further and called it "Swimming Head"... In fact, this kind of fish often appears in the news, when we saw in the report "A giant sea monster was fished out in XX, the local fishermen said that they had never seen it before." Words like "passed", that basically means this kind of fish. Sunfish, also known as sunfish, mambo, head fish, etc., belong to the genus Sunfish, and are also called "sunfish" because they like to float on the sea to bask in the sun. They grow in all tropical and temperate oceans in the world. · Strange appearance, gentle and tender heart, he is a cute little sunfish. The sunfish looks very strange. It has a huge body with half a body. There is only a fish head, no fish tail. The dorsal and anal fins seem to be open Its wings are round and flat, like a large saucer. They are very large, but their brains only account for 0.03% of their body weight; most fish have the same length of notochord as their body, but the notochord of sunfish is only 3 centimeters long; most of the sides of the fish are There will be a lateral line to sense changes in the surrounding environment, which the sunfish does not have. These "congenital deficiencies" make everything always slow - one - beat - plus the tail fin will degenerate after the sunfish becomes an adult, and it can only move forward by the swing of the dorsal and anal fins. As a "fat man" whose weight is measured in tons, no tail fin directly causes them to move slowly, and no "brain" directly causes them to be naturally dumb. An adult female fish can lay 300 million eggs at a time, which seems to be a huge number, but the survival rate is extremely low. Even after successful fertilization and development, the survival rate is only one in a million. About millimeters, compared with the 3-5 meters in adulthood, it is almost unbelievable. Although it is very big in adulthood, its growth history is very difficult and bumpy. Juvenile sunfish will be infested by predatory fish even if they travel in groups because they are too small; when they become adults, they will be clumsy because of their size, and their swimming speed is not fast. They will also be attacked by killer whales, Sharks eat them, and even if they are unlucky, they will be bitten by sea lions and seals as toys. Although these docile big men are not easy to live, they still stubbornly reproduce in the sea, and continue to enjoy the sun on the sea in a daze. When life is not smooth, watching them is very healing. · Why didn't you resist when you were bullied, is Bai Chang so big? The sunfish's main predators are killer whales, large sharks and sea lions. When it encounters an enemy, it neither flees nor resists, but just blindly gnaws at it. That's because the sunfish can't run. No matter what kind of fish, swimming is mainly driven by the tail fin, and the tail fin of the sunfish has degenerated, and there is only a small section of false tail, which is not helpful for swimming, so it is just a decoration. Its pectoral fins have no driving function, and can only play a role in assisting balance. Its swimming relies entirely on the dorsal and anal fins. Some people think that its swimming style is very similar to dancing mambo, so they are called mambo fish. . The pufferfish swims very slowly, slower than a human walk, and can only suffer if it can't run. Then why didn't they resist? Because it can't move! Hippo encounters a group of lions on land, anyway, there is a big mouth to deter the enemy, but the sunfish has nothing. Its mouth is particularly small, the teeth are degenerated into a beak, and the only teeth in the body are in the pharynx to eat soft food. Not to mention that this mouth hurts the enemy, it can't even bite the world, because its mouth can't be completely closed, let alone bite other fish. The sunfish can't find a weapon all over his body that can hurt the enemy in the slightest. It can be said that he is an "honest person" in the fish industry. Why do such weak chickens still have sunfish? That's because of their thick skin! The skin of the sunfish is too thick, the abdominal skin can reach seven centimeters, and it is rich in a lot of reticulated collagen. The surface is very rough, and the meat quality must be very poor. The shark bites and knows that the sunfish is not even as good as canned. It's a blessing to be unpalatable, but it's a pity that not only their natural enemies, but also their fragile self, let them die. · Strange and strange big fish have strange ways of dying, and this kind of fish is too fragile! These sunfish are very easily frightened, and too much external stimuli will hurt their weak minds: the sun on the sea is too strong, and the sunfish just floated to the surface before they have time to enjoy the sunbath and are scared to death by the too dazzling sunlight; When swimming happily in the sea, the small air bubbles generated enter the eyes, as if the stomach hurts to check what disease you have on the Internet, and after seeing the results, you will die from excessive tension; after sunbathing, the sea salt leaves spots on the body, which is not good-looking, and has been beaten. Great death; when swimming in the sea, I was worried that some sea turtles without eyes would touch each other and die from being too nervous; one of the little friends beside me died nervously, and the rest may die because of the blow; My friend died, and I hit a big death, so I also beat a big death... Well, nesting dolls are prohibited, but the sunfish is really too fragile! · Strange grows so big, can you be full by eating only these small things? Don't look at the naive face of the sunfish, but it perfectly considers its own "characteristics" when it comes to eating. Isn't it just that he swims slowly, has a small mouth, and can't beat anyone, then bullies other weaker fish! How good are jellyfish, as long as the weather is calm, the sunfish can completely catch up with the jellyfish. The jellyfish that are soft and swarming in groups are not "jellyfish", each bite is crispy! Of course, jellyfish are not hungry at all, and sunfish have to increase their hunting frequency, sometimes as many as twenty times a day to be full. Sunfish usually live in the ocean at a depth of 10 to 300 meters, but when hunting, they dive into the icy waters of 600 meters. They are also very courageous for those who are fragile. The ugly and unpalatable sunfish is not despised by the Japanese and Taiwanese. It is made into a delicacy and is threatened by humans; the plastic bag floats in the water, and the sunfish will swallow the plastic bag as a jellyfish. , leading to suffocation or starvation. Even this kind of ugliness needs to be taken care of. Now, the IUCN has rated the pufferfish as a vulnerable species. It needs people's protection, and it is hoped that the threat from the human world will no longer appear.

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