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Encounter a dead blue whale on the beach, why can't you touch it? Are the consequences serious?

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Encounter a dead blue whale on the beach, why can't you touch it? Are the consequences serious?

Encountered dead blue whale on the beach, why not? Are the consequences serious?

When a whale falls, all things are born, and all living things are inevitably going to die, even if they are as large as a whale and as small as an ant, they will face death. When wise whales realize that their lives are coming to an end, they will leap from the sea to the sky, and then fall into the water, leaving their huge bodies to the ocean that nurtures them. The corpse will sink to the bottom of the sea, the flesh on the body will become food for other marine animals, and the skeleton will become the habitat of parasites. The whole process is magnificent and sacred. The corpse did not sink to the bottom of the sea, but was slapped on the beach by the waves, and it changed from a beautiful and tragic whale fall to a smelly and dangerous whale explosion. If you find a whale's body on the beach, be careful. It's better not to get close to them, otherwise you will be in danger. So, why can't a dead blue whale be touched? If you do touch it, what are the consequences? In 1970, on a beach in Oregon, USA, a huge sperm whale stranded on the beach. When people found this giant, the sperm whale had been dead for a long time, and the air was filled with bursts of stench, and there were whales at any time. The danger of explosion If people do not deal with the sperm whale's body in time, it will undoubtedly be a huge potential danger while polluting the air. At that time, after discussion, people decided to deal with it in a simple and rude way and directly use explosives to blow up the sperm whale's body. This not only saves expensive transportation and processing costs, but also the fried sperm whale meat can become food for fish, shrimp and seabirds. At the time, people thought this was the most ideal solution, but later processing results showed that it was It was the stupidest way to deal with it. On November 12, half a ton of explosives was buried around the sperm whale carcass. After everything was ready, the explosives detonated the sand and the sperm whale's flesh and blood to a height of more than ten meters. The stench of the stench, the violent explosion also spread to a place hundreds of meters away, and the blown up whale carcass hit the moving car. The sperm whale's carcass was not disposed of, and it also caused a lot of economic losses. In 2004 On January 24th, a 55-ton sperm whale carcass weighing 17 meters long was pushed by sea water to the beach in Taixi Township, Taiwan Province of our country. People used a 120-ton crane for 13 hours before and after loading the behemoth. During the transfer process on the 100-ton super truck, the 55-ton sperm whale happened to explode in the downtown area of ​​Tainan City, Taiwan Province, and it instantly spread to shops and vehicles more than ten meters away. From the two world-famous "whale explosion" incidents, it can be clearly felt that the power of "whale explosion" is very terrifying! As the largest species known to have survived on earth, whales are very large and distributed in four oceans around the world. Among the species of whales, the blue whale has the largest size. Generally, the blue whale can reach more than 22 meters in length. The largest blue whale is even about 33.5 meters. The weight of the blue whale is even more breathtaking. Can generally be between 150 tons and 180 tons. What is the concept of this weight? Take the African elephant we are familiar with for comparison. A single blue whale weighs as much as more than 25 African elephants. African elephants can still live a stable life on the grasslands by virtue of their size, not to mention blue whales. Fortunately, blue whales mainly live in the sea, and the buoyancy of water allows them to not have to work too hard to support their own weight. Such a huge creature has huge internal organs. For example, a blue whale's tongue weighs 2,000 kilograms, its heart weighs 500 kilograms, and its blood vessels are so thick that it can even hold a child. From the appearance alone, we can also predict how powerful the blue whale will be for such a huge creature. If it unfortunately dies on the coast, it will be a huge potential threat to the people around. Why can't people approach or even touch a whale carcass? Whales mainly live in the deep sea area of ​​hundreds of thousands of kilometers. In order to resist strong water pressure, whales have evolved super-pressure-resistant skin and muscle structures. Whales have a huge appetite and need multiple stomachs for digestion and absorption after eating. During this process, a large amount of gases, such as methane and hydrosulfide, are also produced in the body of the blue whale. When they are alive, through the whale's metabolism, there is no problem with all this, and it will not bring danger to people. However, after the whale dies, the breathing stops, so these flammable and explosive gases cannot be discharged normally, only can remain in the body of whales. To make matters worse, the decay of the whale's internal tissues, the breakdown of proteins, and the massive growth of bacteria can cause a rapid build-up of gas in the whale's body, and the whale's ultra-stress-resistant skin will cause the entire abdomen to expand, like a balloon. . Once it explodes, this destructive power is equivalent to a bomb, so people should never approach or touch the whale after it dies. Otherwise, if you encounter a whale's body exploding, your life will be lost. What do you think of this matter? Welcome to leave a message in the message area. This is the end of this issue. Thank you for watching!

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