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The Siberian tiger who broke into the village and smashed the car window with one palm, would you dare to "kill the tiger with a shovel"?

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The Siberian tiger who broke into the village and smashed the car window with one palm, would you dare to "kill the tiger with a shovel"?

The tiger is called "the king of all beasts". This title is not blown out, it is the title that the tigers have played down from generation to generation. As a result, in the mouths of netizens, the king of all beasts does not seem to have any deterrent effect. I wonder if you have seen it. I am used to the tigers in the zoo, and I will make fun of the tigers at every turn, such as "Ten pit bulls vs. tigers", "Sliding shovels to kill tigers", "Tyson and tigers duel" and so on. Words have no basis. Before, all kinds of data were used to summarize the combat effectiveness of the Siberian tiger. This time, the Siberian tiger broke into the human village and smashed the car window with one blow. Feel the fear of being intimidated by the Siberian tiger. Amur tiger is currently considered to be the largest tiger subspecies, distributed in southeastern Russia, North Korea and northeastern China, and is also a first-class protected animal in my country. Even if Wu Song came to fight the tiger, it was illegal. A wild adult Siberian tiger generally weighs about 260 kilograms, including its tail, and its body length is about 3 meters. It can easily jump 8 meters away, and even obstacles 3 meters high are easy. Siberian tigers are nocturnal animals. Resting in caves and grasses, it often feeds on small animals, occasionally snakes and fish, and occasionally wild fruits. But when food is scarce, Siberian tigers will choose to kill poultry, and even attack humans, and even the northeast brown bear will have to fight. Siberian tigers are sexually mature around the age of four, and can mate all year round. The pregnancy period is about 103-105 days, and the number of litter is 2-4, and they are produced every two or three years. Wild Siberian tigers can generally live to 15- 17 years, more than 20 years are rare, the lifespan of captive breeding can reach 20-25, and the longest can reach 30 years. The Russian Far East is the habitat of 95% of the world's wild Siberian tiger population. The Siberian tigers entering the village this time may have come from across the border from Russia. After a census in Russia in 2015, the number of wild Siberian tigers in Russia is currently It has grown to 480 to 540, of which there are about 100 cubs. In China's Changbai Mountains, there are estimated to be 8-12 wild Siberian tigers. At present, only Wanda Mountains and Laoyeling have wild Siberian tigers in Heilongjiang, and the number varies from 5 to 7. In order to protect Siberian tigers, China has also formulated a series of strict management. On the one hand, the production and sale of tiger bone paste, Tiger bone wine and other items, on the other hand, will compensate farmers whose cattle and sheep are caught. If there is a "killing phenomenon" in the Siberian tiger this time, there is a high probability that it will be killed, otherwise it will form a habit in the tiger's consciousness, and human beings are more like food without the power of a chicken. Sliding shovel to kill tiger Sliding shovel to kill tiger is completely a stalk on the Internet, but many people think this method is really feasible, and they also give an example of ancient Wu Song fighting tiger, not to mention whether Wu Song fighting tiger is true, according to the geographical location, Wusong Tiger Fighting is also a hunted South China tiger, which is unique to China and is smaller in size. The body length is 250 cm, and the male tiger weighs 140-190 grams. In the case of a Siberian tiger, there is basically no such person as Wu Song. We all know one thing, the tiger's classic three moves: one punch, one cut, and one lift. Naturally, there is no need to say much. With the help of the jumping distance, the tiger quickly hits the prey. After the prey falls to the ground, the tiger will quickly attack the throat and other deadly parts. A slash is equivalent to a sweep. Tiger tail is a favorable attack method for tigers. A tiger tail sweep is equivalent to being attacked by a strong man with a baseball bat. Animals with thick skin will be beaten, and humans will be swept to the ground directly, and the injured part will be swept over. It is also very painful. A lift is similar to the top of a bull's horn. Don't look at the tiger without two horns, but it's not a joke to overturn you with its head. Climb over to attack. The spikes on the claws of Amur tigers can be retracted, on the one hand to protect themselves, and on the other hand to attack. It can be said that they were born to hunt and kill, and they also have barbs on their tongues. A lick of the skin is not a joke with you. Your sliding shovel to kill a tiger is a paediatric case for a tiger. On the one hand, it will not give you this opportunity. On the other hand, the tiger can overwhelm you with its weight. Besides, the tiger's fur is also very strong in defense. To survive, being kicked by a cow is still powerful. If you let a human try to be kicked by a cow, it is estimated that life and death on the ground have long been unpredictable. If you really encounter a tiger in the wild, don't choose to run away. You can't escape the tiger, and you will only be hunted by the tiger faster. The popular science army may come up with a plan for you. You must first keep an eye on the tiger. Make the tiger unable to be familiar with your various properties, so that the tiger dare not act rashly, then you need to show a fierce face, grow low in your throat, give the tiger a deterrent force, don't be timid, and then wait for the tiger to give up on you, or die a bit of dignity. The best solution is not to travel to wild tiger territory.


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