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Couple life in the animal world: some cheating will be spurned by the ethnic group, and some cheating is for the elderly

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Couple life in the animal world: some cheating will be spurned by the ethnic group, and some cheating is for the elderly

Is the purpose of animal mating for reproduction? Animals and humans are very different in matters such as husband and wife life and the continuation of offspring. Humans have learned to hide their estrus and formed a system of monogamy, which reduces the number of offspring, but guarantees maximum protection. Their own offspring grow up healthy and receive the most resources their parents can provide. This is rarely the case in the animal world. After all, the prosperity of the population means that the race can continue to multiply. They have to take into account environmental issues. When the cubs are born, there must be sufficient food and water sources, and the climate cannot be too cold. Some animals will deliberately avoid the breeding season of natural enemies. Therefore, animals of the same race in the same area will go into heat at the same time and mating will be done within a few days. Females will choose males that look better, and will choose multiple males, such as smarter, more flexible, more robust, etc., to increase the genetic diversity of their offspring and improve the quality and survival of their offspring. Males will also find ways to leave more of their own offspring, and even kill others' offspring to make females estrus again. In this way, every breeding season, there will be a struggle within the race to compete for females and for the right to mate. However, among all kinds of animals, 90% of birds are monogamous, and many are the objects of love, such as mandarin ducks, swans, albatrosses and so on. What is the life of couples who insist on monogamous animals? Scientists divide animal monogamy into social monogamy and genetic monogamy. Such a division is literally, social monogamy means that one male and one male live together and raise offspring together. However, the children born by females are not necessarily all of this male, and the males may not only find this female to give birth to children. In contrast, genetic monogamy is of course the children of the couple, and the couple are absolutely loyal to each other. 90% of birds choose to be monogamous, but in fact a study published in Molecular Ecology in 2012 showed that 86% of bird species have offspring other than their own children, 20% There is at least one bird of unknown origin in the nest. The mandarin duck, which is regarded by everyone as a symbol of love, has been praised by literati to the height of "only envious of mandarin ducks but not immortals", but in fact, mandarin ducks are quite scumbags. Mandarin duck couples only stay together during the breeding season, and during this period the male will be inseparable to guard the female until the female lays eggs. After that, the male bird flapped his wings and left, leaving only the female bird to hatch eggs and find food. And in a pair of mandarin ducks, one of them dies, and the other will look for the next one without hesitation. It is not a love that will last forever. Swans are better than mandarin ducks. At least swans are not that scumbag. Swans stick to monogamy most of the time, but they occasionally derail. Especially when the husband and wife take turns incubating eggs, the one who is in charge of going out to find food mostly cheats at this time, but even if the cheating male swans will help to hatch eggs together, feed and protect the little swans. Scientists have found that about one in six cygnets is not his father. However, once the male swan finds out that the eggs in his nest are not his own offspring, or if he finds out that the female swan is cheating, he will refuse to raise the cygnet. Some birds go home with their wives, and they play each other as soon as they are separated. Some birds take the initiative to cheat in order to support their husbands and contribute to their own small family. Almost all penguins are monogamous, and they are very loyal to each other and will be with each other for a lifetime, and generally do not consider cheating. However, emperor penguins are monogamous in stages. During the breeding season, female penguins lay eggs, males incubate eggs, and females go out to find food for two months. The male will put the egg on his feet, and he cannot let the egg touch the ground, and he will not have any food for two months. This stage is also more difficult. After the little penguin breaks out of the shell, the female will come back to find her husband and children and take over the little penguin. The male emperor penguin has successfully retreated and returned to the sea, waiting for the arrival of the next breeding season. And Adelie penguins are interesting. Before they lay eggs, they must build a nest with stones, and then lay the eggs in the nest. But the icy and snowy place in Antarctica has fewer rocks and more penguins, so penguins who can own a pile of rocks are definitely the most sought-after objects. What should I do if I can't find the stone or grab the object? The female penguin will take the initiative to derail to find Wang Laowu next door. After some indescribable work, she will steal a small stone and return to her home. The male penguin did not feel that his wife had given him a green hat at all, because other penguins also cheated the stone from him in the same way. Records show that an Adélie penguin used this method to get the stones of 62 other penguins within one hour... The strictest monogamy in nature should be the black vulture, which is a monogamous husband. A model animal for monogamy. They are very strictly monogamous, and if a black vulture cheats, male or female, its mate will fight it out and refuse to mate with it ever since. Not only that, the deeds of the cheating party will spread throughout this area, and it will be spurned by all the black vultures, and even expelled. To be honest, it is difficult for the black vultures who grew up in this kind of environment to cheat. So, don't just envy the mandarin duck but not the fairy, if you really want to show your loyalty to love, it is better to learn more about the black vulture. In fact, in the animal kingdom, whether it is monogamous, polygamous, or polyandry, the most fundamental thing is to better breed offspring, for the sake of racial reproduction. Polygamy or polyandry can leave better genes, and monogamy can better protect offspring and allow offspring to grow up healthily.

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