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Want to adopt a cat? Do these four kittens have your favorite?

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Want to adopt a cat? Do these four kittens have your favorite?

Want to adopt a cat? It's cool to stroke it and touch its fur every day. You can take a look at these four kittens, do you have your favorite? If you want a clingy kitty, look no further than Ragdoll. When you buy a puppet cat, you grit your teeth and stomp your feet, thinking that you are taking the responsibility of appearance back home, but as long as you don't brush it for a few days, it will become a walking shedding machine. Without a vacuum cleaner, I am afraid it is the solution. No problem. But it is docile, sociable, and likes to be accompanied by someone. If you keep it, it will revolve around you every day and please you. As a long-haired cat, if you accidentally have diarrhea, you will know what walking poop is. But it looks at you with its big eyes, will you be reluctant to scold it? Ragdolls are very smart, human, a little lazy, unwilling to climb up and down, and jump around. Precisely because it is lazy, it makes us feel that it is elegant and noble. Siamese cats are beautiful in summer, but they are dark in winter. Look at their appearance when buying them, and rely on their spirits after raising them. Because it is known as a cat in the second ha, it is unambiguous when it is opened, and its personality is lively and loyal. Once it is determined for a lifetime, it will only make you angry! But every word you say gets its response because you are its master. Friends who raise Erha can choose Siamese cat, which can play with Erha. After all, going out for a walk together and tearing down the feelings of home together. Cow cat is a kind of cat that can't suck. It's not sucking, mainly because it can't suck. It likes to jump up and down. It's more neurotic. If there is no difficulty, it will create difficulties for you so that you can't catch it. Although it has a naughty personality, it is a cow Cats are very easy-going and can get along with other cats, but when they are angry, they are extremely combative. If you want to raise a quiet kitten, then don't consider the cow cat, it is not compatible with quiet, and don't provoke it, it is very fierce when it is angry. Garfield is a crybaby. He either sheds tears or wipes his tears every day. He is prone to tear marks and often washes his face with tears. Garfield's nose is concave, and the nasal cavity is super short, which can become inflamed if you are not careful. In addition, it has a big cake face, which can be eaten and pulled, and it can wash its face by drinking water. It is best to prepare a feeding basin that is flat enough. Garfield doesn't know anything except for being cute, and he doesn't even know how to bury Baba. In short, he can't take care of himself. The editor has something to say: No matter what pet you keep, since you have it, you must keep it well, because it is a member of your family, it has only you as its owner, and you are its whole world, so pet it The Lords must take good care of them. The picture comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please inform and delete it immediately.


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