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Giant corpse of unknown creature found in Australia, covered with strange barnacles, this species cannot be eaten

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Giant corpse of unknown creature found in Australia, covered with strange barnacles, this species cannot be eaten

Among marine life, many deep-sea species occasionally appear in shoals due to illness, injury, or being attacked by other predators. In addition, these deep-sea species are relatively rare and their appearance is unknown, which is surprising. Recently, on a beach in Sydney, Australia, a resident found a giant creature while walking. It seemed to have been dead for a long time, but its appearance was frightening. It was covered with small animals such as barnacles. The tentacles of these small animals are still crawling on the tentacles, looking like unknown giant creatures such as "sea monsters". When the moving "sea monster" picture was posted on foreign social networking sites, it attracted the attention of many netizens, and netizens also recognized it as seafood delicacies at a glance. At the same time, it also attracted the advice of some professionals. Among them, Hansen, a biological expert from the University of Queensland, said: These barnacles are uncommon varieties of barnacles and are inedible. It is recommended that local people not pry them off for consumption. As for what kind of marine animal this giant creature is, it is impossible to know. It may be a giant squid, octopus, whale, etc., or it may even be a piece of wood. Thousands of barnacles are gathered on a piece of wood. life, becoming an unknown creature that people have never seen before. Among the barnacles, gooseneck barnacles are the most delicious. They taste somewhat like crab meat, lobster, oysters, etc., so their prices are also very high. A pound of gooseneck barnacles can even sell for 700 yuan. . In addition to the edible value of barnacles, a research team has invented a biological glue that can quickly seal wounds based on the gelatinous substances secreted by barnacles when they attach to objects. Barnacles have a "good" side, but a "bad" one. One side is better known.
  • Barnacles can harm slower-swimming marine life
Barnacles have calcareous shells and are easily thought of as shellfish, but they Not shellfish, but crustaceans, which go through three stages: nauplius, glandular larvae, and adults. When the worms become adults, they see the opportunity and find that there are marine organisms swimming by, and immediately land on their body surface, and then secrete a kind of gelatin, which is very sticky and will firmly float on the marine organisms. , making them almost impossible to get rid of barnacles for their entire lives. Although barnacles are small, they are large in number and their parasitic methods are domineering, especially for large whales, sea turtles and other slow-swimming marine organisms. On the one hand, these marine organisms are relatively slow and have a lot of protein , is a very ideal habitat for barnacles. Second, these marine creatures cannot get rid of barnacles by themselves. Only when they encounter kind human beings can they use human tools to pry open the barnacles. In order to get rid of parasites such as barnacles, large whales will continue to jump out of the water and fall into the water, hoping to use such an external force to wash off the parasites, or some marine creatures cannot get rid of the barnacles by themselves, and only risk getting close to the boat for help. Barnacles are increasingly considered to be treated as marine harmful organisms. Their strong adsorption capacity not only floats on marine organisms, but also attaches to ships, seawater pipes, underwater sonar and other equipment, requiring a lot of manpower and material resources to clean up and maintenance, so most of the barnacles have been regarded as marine pests. Pay attention to the six-dimensional nature and let the flow know nature!

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