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Two pythons sneaked into the farm to steal 20 piglets, caught a 50-pound snake, but escaped with a 100-pound python

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Two pythons sneaked into the farm to steal 20 piglets, caught a 50-pound snake, but escaped with a 100-pound python

In the food chain, many carnivores always break into the residences of humans, because the poultry, livestock, and pets raised by humans are less vigilant, and predators can pay less energy and catch these farmed animals more easily. Recently, in a farm in Zhuhai, Guangdong, the boss was happy and depressed because he finally found a "chicken thief" for the poultry and livestock he lost in the past year. About 180 chickens, 5 lambs, and 20 piglets were lost, causing the farm owner to lose a lot. But in the process of catching the python, only one of the pythons weighing more than 50 pounds was caught, or the python was too full and had no reason to escape. The other larger python was more vigilant, about twice the size of the captured python. , There are about more than 100 pounds of pythons, quickly escaped into the jungle and disappeared. The farm owner was a little worried. The big python knew that the farm had enough prey and was used to it, so it is likely to come back to steal food again. Since wild pythons belong to the second-class protected animals, the farm owner did not dare to hurt them or deal with them privately. Finally, they were handed over to the police and taken to the wild jungle for release. As for how to prevent another boa constrictor from coming back to steal food, for the time being, we can only send people to inspect it many times, so that the boa constrictor does not dare to approach.
  • Why do I need to release wild pythons
The python is a cold-blooded reptile with a body length of 3-5 meters or more. Its hunting ability is enough to make many people afraid of this giant creature, but the python is also a native species in China. It is distributed in Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Yunnan, Hainan, etc. It is not an exotic species, so although the python It has a strong reproductive capacity and can lay as many as 100 snake eggs. It has its own natural enemies to prey and balance, and it will not flood the Burmese pythons like Florida in the United States, resulting in a sharp decline in native American wildlife. When pythons are still in the stages of small snakes and snake eggs, they are very weak in combat and have almost no combat power. Many cats, birds of prey, etc. will prey on these small snakes in large quantities, including king cobras will also prey on these small pythons , so pythons have natural enemies to check and balance in the original habitat, and they cannot flood. Adult pythons seem to be very scary, but they will not easily attack adults. In addition, large pythons can control the number of small wild boars, and they can also catch rodents and other animals for food, which can control these animals with strong reproductive ability to a certain extent. Quantity, so pythons are also a complete part of the ecological chain. At the same time, all wild pythons are protected animals, but wild pythons will be adjusted from the national first-class protected wild animals to the national second-class in February 2021, and they are still protected animals. Pythons need to be taken to remote jungles for release.
  • Are pythons compensated for stealing poultry and livestock?
Many wild pythons are easy to be found in farms, because after they prey on poultry and livestock in the farm, they will not rush to return to the jungle after a full meal, but stay in place to rest. At this time, the python is easy to be found and caught. Is there any compensation for pythons stealing poultry and livestock? According to the provisions of the law, if the wildlife protected by the protection law causes casualties, crops or other property losses, the local people's government shall make compensation. Therefore, if the poultry and livestock are eaten by pythons or other protected animals, the local government can be asked to compensate, and the compensation can be obtained after the report is approved. , there will be little or no compensation. The boa constrictor eats poultry and livestock, and the compensation may be insufficient, but these wild boa constrictors cannot be harmed and killed, because they are protected animals, otherwise it is a criminal act. The police and firefighters should be notified in time, and they should be handed over to professionals to catch and deal with. Pay attention to the six-dimensional nature and let the flow know nature!


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