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A "big snowball" grows in a rabbit farm in Sichuan, and the mushrooms are all white, which should be puffballs

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A "big snowball" grows in a rabbit farm in Sichuan, and the mushrooms are all white, which should be puffballs

"In the summer of each year, when the temperature is relatively high, it is also a period of rapid growth of various mushroom plants, and some mushrooms are so large that it is difficult to distinguish them for a while." 01 - A rabbit grows in a rabbit farm The weird big mushroom was recently in Sichuan. The boss found that a giant "snowball" had grown in his rabbit farm. The whole body was white, completely different from the smaller gray mushrooms around it. "The mushrooms are up to 15 cm in diameter and very distinctive among mushrooms. According to the owner of the rabbit farm, there are many mushrooms growing nearby. At first, the white mushroom was only the size of a ping-pong ball, but after 10 days, it grew to the size of a bowling ball, which is surprising how fast it grows. After professional identification: this type of mushroom belongs to Puffball, the diameter can grow to 10-30 cm, and the largest diameter can grow to about 1 meter. Puffballs are not too picky about the growth environment. They usually grow in the underground litter layer. They like high temperature and high humidity environment. As long as the environment is suitable, they can be distributed in cities, suburbs, rural areas, mountainous areas, etc., so every year From July to August, it is also a high temperature season. Puffball bacteria can be found in most parts of the country, but puffball bacteria also have sizes, especially the diameter of tens of centimeters is relatively small. 02—Puffball is a non-toxic mushroom
  • Puffball is also called "horse dung bag"
Among the mushroom species, many Mushrooms all have long stalks, while puffballs are usually spherical with barely visible stalks, making them not considered mushrooms. In fact, puffballs also have mushroom stalks, but they are very short, only a few millimeters in length, so they are almost invisible, but they are also a type of mushroom. The puffballs are all white, indicating that they are still growing and not mature. When the puffballs mature, the white outer skin will turn yellow-brown or gray-brown, and it looks like horse dung, so the puffballs are Also known as "horse manure bag". At this time, if you beat the horse manure bag or step on the puffball, yellow-brown dust will fly out, which looks like smoke. In fact, Puffball uses external force to shoot out the spores of Puffball, looking for a suitable growth environment, so that the Puffball population can develop.
  • Puffball is both edible and medicinal
Puffball is a non-toxic mushroom and a good natural resource. Puffball also belongs to the crystal and transparent growth period. It is edible, delicious and edible. It can be cooked and eaten. It tastes like tofu. The mature horse manure bag has obvious medicinal value, especially the function of hemostasis. It can be directly picked and applied to stop bleeding. It has obvious hemostasis effect on limb wound bleeding and oral bleeding. Medical research has also proved that this kind of thing has mechanical hemostasis. effect. In addition, it also has medicinal properties such as clearing heat and soothing throat, so artificial cultivation of puffball has been started, making it a breeding industry. As the temperature rises, various plants such as mushrooms and wild vegetables begin to grow wildly, and can be seen everywhere in mountains, fields and fields, but there are also many types of poisonous mushrooms, and their appearance is even very similar. Mushrooms, so for safety, do not pick and eat mushrooms in the wild. Pay attention to the six-dimensional nature and let the flow know nature!


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