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An alligator in Anhui? The largest Chinese alligator with a length of 1.8 meters was just caught, and the villagers encountered another small alligator in the pond

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An alligator in Anhui? The largest Chinese alligator with a length of 1.8 meters was just caught, and the villagers encountered another small alligator in the pond

Due to the limitation of food, climate and other factors, many animals have certain requirements for their habitats and cannot appear in other areas at will, so some animals will become the characteristics of the area, such as "Sichuan people have a giant panda" and "Shaanxi people have a giant panda" joked on the Internet. A golden monkey", "Anhui has a Chinese alligator". Recently, a number of Chinese alligators were found in Xuancheng, Anhui Province. On July 25, in Xuanzhou District, Xuancheng, a Chinese alligator with a body length of 1.88 meters was trapped in a deep pit. The pit is about 3 meters deep, and the surrounding soil is relatively loose. , so the Chinese alligator tried to climb up many times but failed, and left many scratches that made the alligator exhausted and exhausted. In order to prevent the crocodile from hurting people, the crocodile's mouth and limbs were sealed with tape. Finally, with the joint efforts of several policemen, the crocodile was lifted out of the deep pit and finally brought to the pond for release. This Chinese alligator weighs about 50 kilograms and is about 1.88 meters long. It is also the largest known pure wild Chinese alligator in Xuanzhou District. On July 30, also in a village in Xuancheng, Anhui, villagers were washing dishes by the pond and found a relatively small Chinese alligator approaching. In the case of attacking people, when nearby residents are washing vegetables or slaughtering fish and poultry by the river, it will swim over, perhaps looking for the smell of food. The Chinese alligator is one of the smallest crocodiles in the world, with a body length of 1-2 meters and a weight of about 36 kilograms. In addition, the Chinese alligator is not as fierce as other crocodiles, but has a docile personality and is not as big as other large beasts. Therefore, the local villagers are not afraid of Chinese alligators, nor are they disgusted with the existence of these crocodiles. People get along better with these wild Chinese alligators.
  • The Chinese alligator is not as effective as the goose?
There are 23 species of crocodiles in 3 families, 8 genera and 23 species in the world. Many species of crocodiles are relatively ferocious. They feed on medium-sized ungulates, etc., and can also fight against other fierce predators. It belongs to the top predator of the food chain, while the Chinese alligator feeds on small animals such as fish, shrimp, mollusks and insects, and occasionally catches some birds for food. The fighting power of the Chinese alligator is relatively poor among crocodiles. The Chinese alligator is also considered to be one of the most docile crocodiles. This is due to its small size, and the Chinese alligator's actions are relatively slow and slow, making its attack power relatively weak, so sometimes it can be seen that the big goose can bully it. Alligators and even ducks dare to drive them away. Of course, it does not mean that the fighting power of the Chinese alligator is really not as good as that of the big goose. The wild Chinese alligator has a strong bite force, which can reach hundreds of kilograms. As long as it is bitten by the Chinese alligator, the big goose loses its ability to fight back. This is because of the Chinese alligator's personality. It is more timid and cautious. It can be said that the Chinese alligator has the ability to hurt people, but it has no temperament and personality. In these situations, the Chinese alligator first chooses to avoid and escape, and will not fight directly.
  • The Chinese alligator belongs to the first-class protected wild animal
The reason why it is called the Chinese alligator is because this crocodile lives in the Yangtze River Basin and is unique to the Yangtze River Basin in China Reptiles and Chinese alligators are endemic species in China and have important ecological and research values. The Chinese alligator has been listed as a critically endangered species and is also considered to be one of the endangered reptiles in the world. In order to protect this crocodile, it has been included in the list of national first-class protected animals, and hunting and killing is strictly prohibited. Chinese alligator nature reserves and artificial farms. Among them, Anhui Alligator National Nature Reserve is located in Xuanzhou District, Langxi County, Guangde County, Jing County and Nanling County of Wuhu City in Xuancheng City, Anhui Province. The main protection objects are alligator and its living environment. More than 10,000 Chinese alligators have been artificially bred. These artificially bred Chinese alligators will undergo wild training. If they are qualified in the wild, they will be released into nature, which is conducive to the recovery of wild Chinese alligators. In the past, the number of wild Chinese alligators may have been less than 200, but due to the key protection of Chinese alligators, the establishment of protected areas to protect the ecological environment of the Chinese alligator habitat, and the artificial wild Chinese alligators, the number of wild Chinese alligators in Anhui Province has now exceeded 200. 1,000 of them, so the number of this cute crocodile is increasing, and the wild Chinese alligator population has recovered significantly. Pay attention to the six-dimensional nature and let the flow know nature!


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