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Mongoose learned to devour hyenas, a group of mongoose bites little hares and nibbles fiercely from the buttocks

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Mongoose learned to devour hyenas, a group of mongoose bites little hares and nibbles fiercely from the buttocks

In the food chain, many carnivores first kill their prey and then eat it, and some beasts are more ferocious and eat their prey alive. For example, hyenas, wild dogs, etc. prefer to attack the rear part of the prey and then eat it raw, of course. Other predators occasionally do this. Recently, in the Masai Mara Wildlife Reserve in Africa, a tour guide filmed a ferocious scene in the food chain: a group of meerkats attacked a small hare, biting the back leg of the small hare, making it unable to escape with speed, and then biting off The rabbit's tail began to swallow the prey raw from the second half of the rabbit's buttocks, causing the little hare to endure a huge attack, with expressions of panic and helplessness in his eyes. The way meerkats eat their prey in this way is like the "anus kill" of hyenas and wild dogs on the African savannah, which makes other herbivores fear, and the anus kill is more ferocious than the cat's throat lock. , When the hyena bites the rear part of the buttocks and other parts of the herbivore, so that the herbivore cannot escape, and it will bleed too much to make it unable to fight back. Slowly dying, so the bison is also more afraid of hyenas than lions. In the mongoose's diet, they mainly feed on insects, snakes, lizards, spiders, animal eggs and some small mammals, etc. They also eat some plants. Because mongoose has many poisonous immune functions, they are good at predation Venomous animals such as poisonous snakes, poisonous scorpions, and poisonous centipedes rarely prey on animals larger than meerkat. It is very likely that the adult mongoose preyed on the little hare this time in order to train the hunting skills of the juvenile mongoose, so the big mongoose only bit the hind leg of the little hare, so that it could not escape, but the juvenile mongoose was messed up. Bite, using the hyena devouring method, devoured the rabbit fiercely from the buttocks.
  • Meerkat is the Queen's Home
Meerkat is a relatively ferocious meerkat, also known as meerkat, slender-tailed mongoose, etc. A gregarious animal, each meerkat population usually consists of 2 to 50 meerkats, but the leader of the meerkat group is usually a female meerkat, and the meerkat queen is the highest in the group and is constructed from a meerkat In a maternal society, the male meerkat leader also needs to be elected by the meerkat queen. In the meerkat population, only the queen meerkat has the right to mate and breed, and other female meerkat cannot have the right to breed. The queen meerkat will give birth to many offspring. After the cubs are 3 years old, the meerkat can stay. Living in a group, the male meerkat must leave the family and go to other places or groups to form a new group or become the leader of other groups. If other meerkats do not follow the Queen's will, they will be expelled by the Queen if they become pregnant. In the wild, they are easily preyed by other beasts. When the Queen of Meerkat dies, the next The meerkat queen also spawns in fights among these vixen.
  • Meerkat is an animal that dares to look directly at the sun
In the meerkat group activities, a meerkat is always found on a high tree or high In a high position such as on a slope, he stands very straight and keeps an eye on the surrounding situation. This is a meerkat sentry who shoulders the task of sending a sentry. When a danger is found, the meerkat sentinel will make different sounds according to the situation of the natural enemy to warn the members of the meerkat population to flee or hide in the holes scattered in their territory. When it is determined that there is no danger, the warning sound is stopped, and the meerkat members continue to come out for activities. Among them, the biggest natural enemy of the meerkat comes from the birds of prey in the sky. In the face of the disappearing birds of prey, the meerkat has developed eyes that dare to look directly at the sun in order to cope with this situation. This is because the meerkat has a unique black around the eyes. Dark spots, whose shape and structure are the same as sunglasses, allow them to clearly see the enemy under the bright sun. Pay attention to the six-dimensional nature and let the flow know nature!


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